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A rather bright, self-described “jewish agnostic” has recently started getting under my skin with allegations that Pope Pius XII was “Hitler’s Pope.” In fact, he sent me an article by a John Cornwell, printed in Vanity Fair, which, if true, is scandalous.
I really need an assist here. I have read accounts of the Pope hiding Jews in order to escape deportation, but this article shakes me.
Is anyone aware of it, and, if so, how do we respond to its claims?
I came into the church in 2005 through the RCIA program, but these types of claims are causing me to have doubts.
Please help if you can.
May God bless you!


These claims are bologna. Pope Pius XII is a Saint as far as I am concerned. He helped and ordered the clergy to help as many Jews as they could. Hitler was about as atheist as they came so there was no connection between he and the Pope. They did meet once I believe, but the meeting was unproductive if my memory serves me. This type of bull is nothing to cause you to doubt anything. The only place to find Jesus Christ is in the Holy Catholic Church.


Fear not,

This hate-filled charge is easily demonstrated as bogus. There is a document right here on Catholic Answers linked on the home page that puts the lie to these charges.

Here is the Link:

Ask your Jewish friend why the cheif rabbi of Rome converted and why the State of Israel commended Pius XII for his protection during the Holocaust.

Keep the faith!:thumbsup:


For what it’s worth, Rabbi David Dalin’s book, The Myth of Hitler’s Pope might also be helpful. I was able to buy one of two copies that were on sale at, of all places, Barnes and Noble! Any time John Cornwell is involved, take his work with a gigantic grain of salt (anyone who writes a book like his after doing only three days of research in the Vatican Archives is guilty of sloppy research). :twocents:


I’d also recommend ***Salvation is from the Jews ***by Roy Schoeman. He is a great writer. Here is the website…


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