Help remembering hymn title & lyrics

Last week on my way home from the stations of the Cross, a melody popped in my head of a hymn we used to sing years ago and I was trying to remember the rest of the words. It was a simple melody or perhaps more of a chant. The only words I can remember with certainty are:

“…make of these two humble things yourself our Lord Divine.”

So, I’m hoping some knowledgeable, helpful folks out there know the name of the hymn, lyrics and if the lyrics are available in Latin.

This Adoremus Bulletin may have what you are looking for.

O Lord with Wondrous Mystery

From the website :

O Lord with Wondrous Mystery. (text by Michael Gannon © WLP 1955; music by Hendrik Andriessen 1892-1981, © Andriessen estate)

O Lord with wondrous mystery
you take our bread and wine
And make of these two humble things
Yourself, Our Lord Divine …

… this bread bears your Divinity
this cup contains infinity.
The myst’ry fills our souls with love,
O Holy Majesty!

Thank you all very much! :smiley:

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