Help requred: Father Adolfo Nicolas

Genuine question - does Fr. Adolfo Nicolas as the Superior General of the Society of Jesus hold power over the Holy Father in the current case?

Or did any authority over Cardinal Bergoglio abolish in his acceptance of the Papacy?

A religious priest who is ordained bishop, is dispensed from their vows to the institute to which they belong, upon ordination. Thus Pope Francis was no longer answerable to the Society of Jesus when he first became a bishop, and this extends to further episcopal appointments, including that of bishop of Rome.

This is specified in canon 705 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law:

Can. 705 A religious raised to the episcopate remains a member of his institute but is subject only to the Roman Pontiff by virtue of the vow of obedience and is not bound by obligations which he himself prudently judges cannot be reconciled with his condition.


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