Help save OLG monastery, Nova Scotia

The cloistered Augustinian nuns of Nova Scotia are asking help raising funds to buy the property from the Augustinian Friars. The friars put the property on the market against the wishes of the diocese, the faithful, and the nuns. The nuns have to raise $800,000 to purchase the property.

And, needless to say, they need vocations!!!

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What are arguments given in favor of selling the property? I always think there’s at least two sides in a controversy.


I checked the website, but was unable to find out how many sisters there were in the monastery, and whether the community is realistically sustainable. Does anyone know?

According to this article it is a pretty big property and only 5 nuns left. Apparently in the story is involved also a lawsuit for sexual molestation.

I wondered the same thing, too. The pictures I saw showed the same 5 sisters, and I had the impression it was a community picture, though I’m certainly not sure. I was wondering how Cor Orans might be affecting them and whether they are in desperate need of vocations. In addition, I wonder if the monks feel like they have to sell it so that they would have the money to take care of their senior members.

Oh, aroosi beat me to the post. If there are only 5 sisters, then they may be forced to merge with another community, making the purchase a moot point.

In saying this, I really do feel badly for the communities that reach this point. It must involve a lot of suffering to be one of just a handful left.

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One of the members of our Safe Harbor group had entered this Monastery. We never heard whether she persevered. She said there were only four nuns, but never mentioned that they were Filipina.

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