Help settle our Christmas debate

So our daughter was born on Christmas Eve last year. We were in the hospital until the 26th. I don’t really want to buy all the baby’s first Christmas stuff- ornament, bib, all that stuff…dh and pretty much everyone else all say it’s her first Christmas. MIL already bought a bib, dh wants to get the ornament and have it say 2006. What do you all think?

And if this is all we argue about, I realize we are very blessed. :wink: :smiley:

Quick answer: I say last year was her first Christmas. She was born on Christmas EVE, so by Christmas day, she was a whole day old! :slight_smile:

However, if MIL and hubby want the bib and cutesy “1st Christmas” stuff, in the grand scheme of things, will it matter?

I do think her OFFICIAL first Christmas ornament should be from 2005 though…

Just my 2 cents. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I pretty much agree…in the grand scheme, no it won’t matter except for the ornament, in my opinion. But where am I going to get a 2005 ornament? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not actually causing any contention, but just a little debate we all have going.

I second that. Her first Christmas was 2005 no matter how you put it.

With my first I was trying to figure out if to get a 2004 first Christmas (I was several months pregnant, she was in womb) or 2005 (out of womb :slight_smile: ).

Ebay :slight_smile:

You’re a genius! Why did I think of that! :stuck_out_tongue:


You can also go to “all things remembered” or whatever it’s called, or any engraving store, and get a sliver ornament with optional engraving and just have them do 2005…and her name, if you want. We’re doing a Sophia Annabella 2006 one. :slight_smile:

Definitely 2005 since she was out of the womb at that point :).

I was born on Dec. 23, and I have two or three friends born on the 24th. We would all agree that we were born immediately prior to our first Christmas. Even my friend born on Christmas Day itself considers that her “first Christmas.” It’s not like we’d remember either that one or the next, after all!

By the way, it is not unusual for us Christmas babies to expect a little something on our actual birthday and something more elaborate over the holidays, in way of celebration. Oh, and all those people who wish us Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas in the same breath? They’re the ones who forget entirely when one’s birthday falls in August, so don’t sweat that, either!

I say, let them have their fun. After all, they didn’t get to do it last year, since you and the baby were both in the hospital at the time.

When the child is old enough to wonder about it, tell her that the ornaments and stuff were for the first Christmas that she actually got to celebrate at home. (I assume that, like my mother, you’re going to be keeping her baby souvenirs for her to enjoy when she is old enough to appreciate them.)

And if this is all we argue about, I realize we are very blessed. :wink: :smiley:

It sounds like you have a wonderful family!! :slight_smile:

There may even be some ornaments and bibs that don’t actually have the words, “Baby’s First Christmas” even if that is the obvious intent. Who care’s if they say “2006”?

If one spouse wants to get the first Christmas items, and the other does not want to, then the spouse that does not want to get the items should submit to the one who does.

This will be the first Christmas at home.

This is why I was planning on buying a Baby’s First Christmas 2006 ornament–just in case our baby comes before her due date! But I really like Princess Abby’s idea of the engravable ornament, so we might just wait and use that if need be. I was scared of the baby coming on Christmas Eve and not having an ornament and then not being able to find one once we got out of the hospital :eek: :rolleyes: Yep, quite a thing to be concerned about, I know :o

My first was born just after Thanksgiving and I was in no condiditon to shop for his Baby’s first Christmas ornament until the following year. I order one from Lillian Vernon. They have lots of engravable stuff and I just put his name and the year on the engravable plate. Around here there are kiosks in the malls that do the engravables too.

With my first son… I got a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament while I was pregnant (due Dec 30). Thankfully it didn’t have a year on it… because he wasn’t born until Dec 31st!
We filled in the year on the ornament ourselves the following Christmas!

So… maybe keep an eye out for one without a year on it!

I say, if you wait until after Christmas, you can buy a 2006 one cheap! Send your mother or MIL (or other trusted female!) to buy one if you have the baby pre-Christmas. I forgot to get a “Our First Christmas” ornament the first year we were married, until I was shopping the after-Christmas sales and got one at 90% off!


let mil get the bib, and hubby get the ornament. what harm can it do?

Try looking in the clearance section at Hallmark. I used to work there and we usually had Christmas ornaments from a few years back, even the “Baby’s First Christmas” ones, and they’re actually a decent price for a Hallmark ornament.

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