Help stop Self injury

I dont know if this the right place or not so sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place

Since the age of 13 i have self injured am now 36 now am trying to stop but am finding it very hard to stop at the moment am 2 weeks free of self injury my husband is supportive and understanding ( he is an ex self injurer ) but will not take away my blade from me …
In the past i have thrown them out and about an month last go out and buy more blades

Today i feel i need to throw the blades for once and for all
With Jesus help and my husband support
i should be able to do this …I hope to be self injury free by this time next year

Not a lot of people understand self injury some think people do it for attention seeking but every self injurer including myself hide our cuts and cover our scars
It can start at any age and there are lots of reasons why people do it
like abuse or bullying , or when someone has no way of expressing themself or there feelings
Its is NOT an act of suicide some times self injury can stop someone from killing themselves .

Am hoping to stop my self injury and help others who self injure to stop as well

I don’t know much about this, but would gather you do it to avoid the pain inside much like other addictive behaviors. I myself had a drinking problem. Stopping will probably be very similar, and it is wonderful that you are taking this step. I encourage you to ask the Lord to help you every day. He wants to take your pain away and fill you up with his grace and love. It may not come all at once, so don’t despair if it doesn’t. Just keep trying. HE understands your pain and loves you more than you can ever imagine! I am praying for you.

I will pray for you. I also suggest that you seek counseling. There is a wonderful therapy called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which has been very effective. I took a course myself. I don’t self injure but it helped me deal with strong feelings.

I know how it feels I am also a self injurer. I actually started very young (without understanding exactly what or why i was doing it) at age 8-9. I have for several years now. It’s not anything suicidal with me either, it’s so so addictive and hard to stop. I do it all over my shoulders, but one way I have helped myself to cut down and try to quit is to let myself heal and see how good my shoulders look. And think about how I can wear a sleevless dress when I’m baptized on Easter Vigil, and how much easier life would be without it. Also I removed (I’ve come close to quitting now) anything that caused me to hurt myself. I would anytime I was alone. So I became a little more family involved, prayed more, etc. Also the Rosary and a devotion to Saint Therese of Liseux have helped me tremendously. I will pray that you stop. <3 God Bless you.

I have had DBT but only for a few weeks i got ill and didnt go for a few weeks and they stopped it
Am not sure if i can go and get it done again am in the uk so its done on the NHS
Thank you all for your replys
am trying to look into getting a Rosary as well

Please make an appointment with your doctor right away and ask for help for stopping your self injury.

Since you are also looking at coming back into the church, ask for forgiveness and grace in the Sacrament of Confession.

I am praying for you.

My prayers are offered. God bless.

Seek help right away from a doctor. Talk to your priest right away. You need help in this from both of those resources.

Thank you all for your replies
I see a dr at the moment about my self injury …she is my Family Dr
My psych says i don’t need a therapist according to him …
I will speak to my priest as well

So you are already getting professional help, which is good. So here to this board you have come for spiritual encouragement, right? :slight_smile:

Since this is the Lenten season… let me share something with you, which I ahve eben trying (unfortunately not perfectly, but God knows what he is doing here too). I suffer among other things from strong fears associated with scrupulosity. One of my Lenten intentions is to unite these fears with Jesus’ suffering. That is, when they come, try to remember how HE was afraid in the garden, how HE carried the cross… and try to carry them better then.

Mabye you can try something similar, take this time also as a time that can lead to great healing. because we know, Jesus has already freed us, yes he had to suffer and die but he is also risen!!! That is, if you can reists the self-injury better when thinking of Jesus and how HE had to carry on… how HE was afraid… maybe this can help you, especially during this time. I am not sure, this is only a suggestion. I know it is easier said than done. I know it myself. I have fallen again today, fallen hard. But Jesus fell too with the cross and then he got back up again and went on… so don’t beat yourself up if you fail, but maybe this is something you can try… It is very very scary having to deal with such psychological problems… I do know, I a, trying to feel for you and for myself at this moment… maybe you can also keep a journal in which you write inspirational insights you make on your journey… I have been doing this… and most of all remember this:

You are not alone.
Jesus loves you so so so so very much.


My heart goes out to you. I am curious though what you mean by “My psych says i don’t need a therapist according to him”. If you mean you saw a psychologist and he says you do not need to see a psychologist or counseling, I would not understand or agree with that statement. I would get a new therapist.

I would ask your priest if he knows any priest who specialize in healing these types of things. Charismatic priests are often a source of healing ministries. I do not understand the whole speaking in tongues thing that charismatic priest do, but the charismatic movement is approved by the Vatican. If you find it does not help, you can always look for another priest.

I support that you should go see your priest. Jesus talks through his priests.

I pray for you!


Am hoping to stop my self injury and help others who self injure to stop as well

I sense that some injustice has happened that can never be put right, and there is the need to forgive someone, or even harder still to forgive yourself. Helping others is a great path to healing yourself .

Blessings and prayers


Sorry to say but i self injured yesterday and am feeling very suicidal
Am just holding on
Things going on that i cant handle …My husband is very supportive and has been great
But i just feel so low …i will try and do better
Am just sorry i let everyone down

My Dear, there is no need to worry about letting anyone here down. Just start the process all over again. You went several weeks without doing anything, and that is great. The Lord understands how hard this is for you and he loves you so much. Go to the doctor if you are still feeling suicidal! Go to confession and ask the priest if he has any advice. Often the Lord will speak to you through the words of the priest. Go to daily mass or sit in the adoration chapel with our Lord if you can. Ask Him every day to ease your suffering and take this away. I am praying for you.

I truly feel that you need to go see your priest so he cans do a guided prayer for you. Clearly, something isn’t right near you that lead you to do such a thing.

When you have those thoughts, can you say the “Father Prayer”, it has an exorcist prayer in it.

You need many people to pray for you. Post on the prayer side and ask for prayer.

Please go see your priest now.

I pray for you!

i dont need an exorcist prayer am NOT possessed …I am mentally ill and the only way i know to deal with pain is to self injure
Nothing more nothing less than that
Please dont take this in the wrong way but i find that people who say i am possessed clearly know nothing about mental health or have any understanding of it .

I don’t believe in possession myself and i wouldn’t recommend that you tell someone who is mentally ill that they are possessed because if they need there medication and not someone trying to exercise them

Self injury has nothing to do with possession its away for people to express the pain that they are in

Thank you all for your kindness

I sent you a note earlier and want to make sure you know I don’t think you are possessed. It sounds to me like you have a good understanding of your illness, but it is hard for others who haven’t experienced this to comprehend. I used to be married to someone with a personality disorder, and we ended up getting a divorce. I just couldn’t understand why he did the things he did. Now, years later, I can clearly see how much pain there was behind the behavior.

I keep thinking you need healing. Ask the Lord every day to take the pain and this illness. And receive the sacraments (confession and communion) frequently. These always provide spiritual healing…and sometimes emotional and physical as well. It is all connected.

Dear “Insanity”
I have myself psychological problems and have a BA in psychology and used to talk to a lot of people with problems, often online… I am far from being an expert and in too a scared phase myself right now to be strong for others (but maybe that is possible anyway)…

I do remember this: I ahve learned, if somebody talks about suicide, always take it seriously. I am a bit afraid of saying the wrong thing, but there are some things I remember: PLEASE if you feel acutely suicidal, immediately talk to somebody. Talk to your husband in all honesty (does he know that you have been feeling suicidal?), call a suicide hotline, call your doctor/psychiatrist/therapist/priest, if nothing else is possible even call emergeny or go to a hospital. Anything to not be alone with those thoughts if you are in danger of possibly acting on them.
A long time ago when I was part of online mental ehalth support groups, there was a site somebody or some people recommended. I am not sure if it is a Christian site or not, but I will now write down the link anyway, it is

And also this, something I remember I read that helped somebody, adapted a bit by me : Think of some time in the future. Take a month, or a half year. Imagine by that time, how maybe you will feel much better. but what if you killed yourself now? You won’t be there to feel how you have gotten better again. Killing yourself is definite. Holding on leaves possibilities open.
And a personal experience. I had times when I felt very very very down. Ridden by anxieties, compulsions, maybe depression. Feeling I might never feel free again. OHHH had I only known how one year later I would run down the hills in a new city in a new country just so full of joy, relief and happiness. I didn’t know. But it happened. I felt light and free again how I hadn’t maybe even been able to imagine.

AND JESUS IS RIGHT WITH YOU. He knows your pain, He knows all the suffering in the world. Feel Him walking right next to you as you walk this way of struggle or pain or sadness. Do not despair.

In my own struggles, I have been writing down some daily insights. The day before yesterday i also had to write again that I fall… anf then I stand up again. I have thought of Jesus with the cross falling and standing up again and walking on…

Please be safe.
Please take care of yourself.
Please be good to yourself.
Also do something good for yourself, as you would for a sick child.
God loves you.
So so so very much.


Let your priest decide and guide you. We don’t need to be possessed to go see a priest or to have special prayer to help us with our challenge. I consulted with a priest to help me and he did a special prayer for me and good grace that it was a great help, i wasn’t possessed. I also go to confession and it helps me also with my challenge. Don’t fear to go see a priest.

Hope you feel well soon!

P.S. We are only human that can pray for you and comfort you the best we can, but nothing can compare our Lord. Jesus speaks through his priests.

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