Help - struggling spiritually

Dear friends,

I seem to be struggling spiritually. Up until a few days ago my relationship with the Lord was very good and my payers were relatively well-said. Unfortunately I fell into mortal sin last week, and since then everything has changed. Although I have said many prayers of apology, done penance and resolved to go to confession ASAP (although I haven’t been able to go so far) my spirituality has been damaged to say the least. Prayer is much less satisfying and I feel very cut off from the Lord. I have been perhaps less graceful since, and am acutely aware of all of my faults. Most of all, what pains me is the thought that my relationship with God has been destroyed and the thoughts I have had (which, of course, i have tried to dispell for the nuiscance that they are) that my religion was a form of psychological wish-fulfilment: that the experianes I and others have had of God were just psychologial. Something is very definitely missing from my spirituality, and I am worried that this may not recover even after I confess, and that I will always be plagued with doubt and sin.

Brothers and sisters, please pray for me.

Hang in there. I get those thoughts as well and the more I think that way the more negative I get. I think that is partly your conscience and partly the enemy playing upon your conscience. Now is the time to Trust in God’s mercy…a sincere & contrite heart God will not spurn.

I have read that a big part of getting to know God is getting to know ourselves…which includes our weaknesses & faults. I don’t think that God want’s you to beat yourself up…that doesn’t help you at all and it doesn’t fix the situation. Many times I learn from my mistakes, although I would rather learn from someone else’s instead. I know exactly how you feel…been there many, many times.

Just do as you said get to confession as soon as you can otherwise it just gets harder (learn that from me). Just get up, dust off the dirt, and start again.

Jesus died on the Cross so that your sins would be forgiven. We are humans and as such we are imperfect. We fail in thought and deed but we need not fear. I committed a series of sins in 2005 that I continue to ask God for forgiveness. I know that I need only ask once but still I continue. I have atoned to the best of my ability. Your post has reminded me that I need to stop asking for forgiveness because it has been granted. I believe we cannot grow in our relationship with Christ if we are stuck on one issue. I will pray for both us to accept the forgiveness that our loving God has already granted.

Yours in Christ, Anne

Be thankful that you have this holy fear of God and His judgment. Do the right thing and do it immediately. Do everything in your power to correct your mistake and resolve to never do that again. Ask the intercession of Mother Mary. Whatever you do, don’t quit praying!

If you re in the state of mortal sin, then you are cut off from the Lord. Call the parish office and make an appointment for confession, asap. Absolution will restore your relationship with God, and all will be well. :hug1:

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