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How do you know what god what’s a student to do in university (course) ???. I have asked the question trough the rosary and prayer. (I’m not sure ifs he’s giving me any help or it’s me that can’t see his help!!). What should I look out for???. What do u think??? I’m thinking of studying one of the following and I’m not sure which one to study .

Psychology…….I always wanted to be an educational psychologist since 16!!

French…… I don’t know I just love learning the French langue and I want to learn and study French history.



Are you trying to pick your major? Psychology would be fascinating (and lucrative), while French would be very rewarding. The problem with majoring in a language is that you basically would need to teach it, or perhaps translate. If I were you, I’d major in psychology and minor in French. You could take some French history courses too, and maybe even study abroad for a semester. If you’ve wanted to be a psychologist since you were 16, you should.

I don’t know if that helps. Good luck.


Thnx…yeah but people say that god has a plan for everyone…And i don’t want to pick the wrong degree to do at college. I have to do psychology as a single degree if u want to become a psychologist making things more confusing


Tough one. it’s very hard to know Gods will often. It’s easy with sin and virtue etc but much harder with these choices. God usually speaks to us thru other people. Maybe try talking to people who are very Godly and have experience of going thru this themselves. See if you pick up Gods voice there. Have you tried just staying quiet in your prayer to see if the Holy Spirit has something to say? He’s usually very quiet when He speaks to us. Good luck with all whichever way you go.


Yeah, I know what you mean about trying to pick the right major to try and do what God wants. I have always been good at art, so I started studying that, but then after three years I felt more drawn to film. Now, I do not recommend adding a second major during your third year, or changing majors at some late stage (it gets very expensive) but after I did that I met a lot of people, found my creative voice, greatly strengthened my faith (often through adversity - the film community is none too fond of Catholics) and now finally think I might be able to answer God’s call to use my artistic talent for something good. It took seven years of undergrad. That was not clear from the beginning. Not at all.

It seems like you could do a lot of good as a psychologist, and you seem a lot more “in tune” with what God wants than I was. Keep praying, and try your best. God will take care of you, and help you see opportunities if you keep asking Him.


I’d say you should use two rules of thumb:

  1. Which of these do I love?
  2. Which of these can I use to serve others?
  3. Are any of these choices spiritually DETRIMENTAL to me? (If yes, cross them out RIGHT AWAY)
  4. Unknown as of yet

Here’s an example from my own case. I wanted to do video games since I was…6? 8? 10? Not sure of the exact age. It must’ve been when I beat Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and I saw some the credits at the end of the games. “Wow, people MAKE these things? I want to be one of them!”

As I grew, my spiritual maturity began to grow and started to manifest itself during senior year of high school. I still loved video games. I didn’t like the direction they were going, however. I saw that they were becoming excessively obscene. However, I still saw alot of potential for GOOD, inspirational (and morally clean) storytelling. I still wanted something to do with it.

I carried on this dream up to college, where I’m taking Computer Science. As time went on, however, it seemed like there was little hope for the industry. I’ve given up on games, but I still love CS. Not to say that I wouldn’t make one of my “dream games”. I just don’t want to be a tool of the industry.

To make a long story short, just use my guidelines, and you’ll be okay.

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That’s so cool! I actually wanted to something with games too. It’s why I studied art and animation. I didn’t want to do programming, just story and character design, like Hideo Kojima. Like I said, I eventually ended up doing film. I’m still trying to avoid being a tool of the industry as well. I still toy with the idea of working on a game. . . I think games and stories have the power to inspire. Like Chrono Trigger and Legend of Zelda.

Back to the topic, I think you can do God’s work in any field.


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