Help Support a Humble Columnist!

I need your views!

I was recently hired as a columnist on a website known as the Examiner, writing reviews on Japanese anime and anime-related products or events. I know there are at least a handful of people out there who like anime, but anyone who’d be willing to flip through the columns now and again would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the link to the column header.

I get paid per unique view, you see. So, for every computer that looks at one of my columns, I make a penny. You don’t even have to read it if the specific column doesn’t interest you, just stay long enough for it to load and move on.

I update nearly every day, so if you find yourself interested, please bookmark the site and check back every now and then to look over the new columns. If you do become interested, and have a request for something to be reviewed or researched, or a question to be answered, please email me, and let me know you’re from this forum, so I can put you on high priority to answer.

I really appreciate any and every bit of help everyone can give me. I’m aiming to make this column a huge supplement to my income so I can have more time pursuing my knowledge of the faith and helping others in the same journey.

I will check it out…

My sister in law writes for them too…

Indiana Conservative… her name is Valerie.

Thanks a lot! If you leave a link to her column, I’d be happy to check it out and look through her stuff.

Thats my sister in law!

She has another blog… its really good.

Thanks for the link! I’ve already started skimming through it. I’ll keep it bookmarked so I can go back to it now and again.

I initially clicked on this because I thought you might write conservative editorials or something. I have no idea about Japanese anime, & it’s really not my genre, but I went to the site anyway. It looked very well written… Good for you! Good luck!:slight_smile:

I love the review on The Place Promised in Our Early Days. I watched that movie once and I really liked it. I rarely watch anime movies but it’s only because I haven’t seen/heard of any good ones as often compared to the mainstream series that I always run into.

Thanks to you though, I think I’ll watch Voices of a Distant Star next. :smiley:

Hurray! I’m glad I could be useful! Keep an eye on the column, because there is a pretty decent handful of movies I’ll review. Though I agree, they’re difficult to find. Nine times out of ten, it’s a movie connected to a series, anyway xD

Thanks to anyone who glanced over at the column. I really appreciate everyone’s support.

LOL!!! Exactly! Before, the only anime movies I was able to watch were Naruto and Bleach movies. (I would include Miyazaki flicks but what anime fan hasn’t heard of them? XD)

xD I was going to ask if you’d seen them, but then thought the exact same thing. Lol. I’ll probably do a Ghibli week just to review all of their well-known films, the countless little projects they did that few people know about, and to report on the three new films Miyazaki-sama’s working on. He’s my hero -

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