Help teens stay in Catholic Church


A friend attends a protestant church, however his teenagers have been raised Catholic and attend Sunday Mass. He wants to give them the choice of going with him to Sunday services at the protestant church, instead of Mass.

Teens are tremendously tempted by the secular world, especially when they enter college and are in need of the many graces provided by the Mass and the Sacraments.

What advice can I share with this well meaning but misguided friend? :confused:


I wonder if your friend would respond to a description of the difference between a Mass and the Protestant prayer service?

One is a Sacrifice, the other is people-derived. Maybe you can charitably describe how these two practices are not alike at all.

Hope it works out.


How in the world could your friend consider encouraging his sons to commit what they have been taught is a grave sin?! Just because he may not believe that, how can he consider leading his children into violating their Christian faith as they understand it. He could very well end up being one of those who hindered the children coming to Christ, and we know what God thinks about them.


I remember a conversation I had with my cousin…

She said “My parents made me go to church!”:eek:

She was so mad about it!

I was like “Really? What kind of people make you go to church?!”:bigyikes:

So I fed in to it alittle.:blush:

She went on to complain about having been dragged by her mother every Sunday! (She’s 43 y.o.)

I leaned forward and in a serious voice I said “Wow what a rotten mother! I bet she even forced you to go to school! Did she make you do your homework too?!”

She just sat there with her mouth open staring at me as I went on…

“You know parents like that should be taken out back and whipped! A mom like that I bet she even made you get your shots and finish your vegtables! That makes me sick!”:dts:

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything!

And if you love her,which I do, you’ll say something to make her stop and think about what she’s saying.


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