Help! The Philippines was in Danger struggling "I think" i a Cult.

Aside from the Iglesia ni Cristo who was lately debated by Karl Keating, the Philippines are struggling again in another cult I think. Even me I don’t know for now whether it is true or not. Now I want all of us help each other to examine this ministry but it takes a lot of time to do this. It was so remarkable on TV, radio, internet and this ministry was so very rich. He is Apollo Quiboloy claimed to be the appointed son of God in Gentile setting it sounds not good. I will welcome all you replies thanks for your help!!!

visit this:

He’s been around for more than 20 years. Was previously a Protestant who got frustrated because he kept getting overlooked for promotion so decided to set up on his own. He’s just another conman out for power and wealth. I live in Manila and have seen him on tv. I do not find him remarkable at all.

he said he had a vision coming from god and heared the voice of god literally.

I know but he’s a liar. Anybody can say that. Funny he only had that vision when he wasn’t getting anywhere in his previous church! He preaches nonsense like Christ lost his sonship on the Cross and that this guy is now Christ. Its really terrible he can manipulate people into believing that rubbish.

okay but I Don’t know what do mean in this words thanks:)

And what is your own views about what he says on John 5:43 he is the one who pinpointed by Jesus there?

have you tried his site that i’ve been posted?

My comment meant that when he realised he was not getting ahead when he thought he should have been (sin of pride) he decided to go it alone and make up the story of a vision.

I don’t need to have views on everything he says. He is a fraud. If you really are a Catholic then you know this. Instead of listening to him and reading his website you should get more involved with your own faith. **In the early part of the third century, Constantine the Great was converted to Christianity. He put a stop to the persecutions against the Christians and made Christianity the official religion of the ****Roman Empire . He legalized Christianity and the Christians came out of hiding. Temples **** and churches were built for them. The pagan way of worship, like the worshipping of gods and idols, was incorporated into the Christian faith. This was the birth of Catholicism. **

This right here tells you that he’s dead wrong because the Catholic Church already existed long before Constantine was born, and the doctrines of the faith did not change after the Edit of Tolerance.

That “preacher” cannot refute the historical facts, like this quote from the letter of St. Ignatius of Antioch to the church at Smyrna that was written in about 110 AD, some 200+ years BEFORE Constantine.


See that ye all follow the bishop, even as Christ Jesus does the Father, and the presbytery as ye would the apostles. Do ye also reverence the deacons, as those that carry out [through their office] the appointment of God. Let no man do anything connected with the Church without the bishop. Let that be deemed a proper(18) Eucharist, which is [administered] either by the bishop, or by one to whom he has entrusted it. Wherever the bishop shall appear, there let the multitude [of the people] also be; by the bishop, or by one to whom he has entrusted it. Wherever the bishop shall appear, there let the multitude [of the people] also be; even as, wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church. It is not lawful without the bishop either to baptize or to celebrate a love-feast; but whatsoever he shall approve of, that is also pleasing to God, so that everything that is done may be secure and valid.(2) even as where Christ is, there does all the heavenly host stand by, waiting upon Him as the Chief Captain of the Lord’s might, and the Governor of every intelligent nature. It is not lawful without the bishop either to baptize, or to offer, or to present sacrifice, or to celebrate a love-feast.(1) But that which seems good to him, is also well-pleasing to God, that everything ye do may be secure and valid.

Here’s a link to a very good article that refutes his propaganda. Is Catholicism Pagan?

[FONT=Verdana][size=3]Don’t listen to him. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

oh wait, who needs help?? the inc members or you?? or the people that is being blinded by some other wrong beliefs? hehehe

I’m A FILIPINO !! i think INC members are brainwashed by their leaders … it’s too obvious that it’s a big cult … really obvious but the INC members never saw it … except for my Girlfriend … she told me i opened her mind … she told me being INC sucks … she was born catholic but her grandmother converted her into an INC coz if she’s not converted, she won’t be able to study … the INC are supporting only their co-INC … that sucks …

how can you say its a cult??
its that because they are too organized
and their member are too discipline
when you compare it to other religions
and especially catholic?
when you are in the mass, the people
are too noisy talking while others are praying?
noticed it? and experienced it?? haha
and how you know that they are been brainwashed
by their ministers? it is because the ministers are
very good in explaining what was in the bible
and the members are following what was the commandments
of god? is it? well, just think first before you say…
i mean, dont give your opinion or accusation because
it is pretty obvious that you just having your propaganda
so that others will have bad thinking about the inc. haha
nabuko ka na??:slight_smile:

i already thought before posting it … yes its my opinion and you cant break it … you have your own opinion i wont try to break it … im not comparing it to other religions, i dont care what your ministers say, and i dont care if it’s noisy inside the mass … why are INC so warfreak? they always want their ministers have a debate and always telling members that their minister is winning in a debate … but in a debate … there’s no winner and there’s no loser … its all on opinion …

woaah. finally, i am been busy building my site. and on you, well, you dont care that the catholics have no discipline and no importance in the time of worship services or mass? haha well, i not said that, and why warfreak? In your opinion, why other religions have to debate if you said that it is only on “opinion”? For me and the fact that it is for the enlighten of the minds of the people who are searching for the truth… The true doctrines of God and the true church… Especially for those who seeking the truth behind each beliefs. Why? do you dont like to expose what is really the truth behind Catholicism? haha

thanks for sharing.

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