Help the unborn and born. Please read


I have read that a murder of a baby girl born in an abortion clinic took place in Tampa,Florida. An eighteen year old girl paid $1,200 for an abortion. The doctor did not arrive in time to terminate so one of the owners cut the infant’s umbilical cord and put the baby girl born alive into a plastic bio-hazard bag and threw the baby girl away like garbage. For you to read this I read it in the Sacramento Bee. The Associated Press released the story. Date of publication Friday, 2-6-09. I ask all that care for the unborn and born, please help to fight such evil by praying and unite in our prayer daily. We must also do out-reach to stop abortion and let the women know that there are churches/families/Good people to have and care/love the children and let the children have life. Please pray/unite to stop the killing of the precious unborn and in this case a born baby girl. God guide us and help us to be strong and stop the murder.


That was clearly murder to even pro-choice supporters.
Lord have mercy


I am praying very hard to fight this.

Here is a FOCA prayer I wrote to hopefully end this murder:

Heavenly Father,
I come here in Your presence because I believe all life is sacred. We are all part of your creation, from the smallest plant to a newborn child. Please help us fight the wrath of FOCA. Grant President Obama and all of our legislature wisdom and guidance to make the right choice. Give them the strength to stand up for Your greatest gift of all, the gift of life. I also pray for all of the mothers who are contemplating aborting their child. Please send Your graces upon them so that they may let their baby into this world. Grant their families a loving and faith filled life. I pray for those children who have been terminated. Please open your arms so that they may return to eternal life with their Father in heaven. We ask this through Your Holy Name, through the passion and death of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin, and her mother St. Anne, for You are Lord for all of eternity.

In Your name we pray,



Trishie and jeanne71350, Please continue to pray for the unborn and for the born babies that have been killed. I ask that you discuss this with all who will help us to stop this evil. Godbless you. God Shines upon you both. You are his Good Warriors here on earth as I know God has many more. United in God and in his Goodness we will stop the killing. God guide us.


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