Help Those

I just was wondering if their are people out their that will go out off their way to help some one in need. Like if some one that is old,do you help them get across the street,or help them put their grocery,s into the car or if they fall,do you do too see if their OK and need help,or do you look the other way,because you don,t want too get Involved, or blamed ? I know some older people don,t trust other,s because they feel that some might happen, if the person said,s no, then I move on

always best to ask if the person needs help, then proceed from there. there is such thing as overhelping when people don’t necessarily need it

Amen to that! I fell once and my “helpers” helped in a rather unthinking, unhelpful, slightly painful way. Another time, I was the one guilty of “overhelping” (I like that word!).

Always ask first.

I love to help people.

Having said that, if I’m doing things because of the pleasure they give me, then I’m not really doing them for the right reasons, and that can be a bit of a problem

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