Help to Answer the Call

My first perception of a call to religious life when during my college years, but, lacking knowledge of where I should go or what exactly I should be looking for, I finished my studies, majoring in written communication.

Later, I was searching and trying to find out where I should be. Knowing I was looking into religious life, the editor of the Catholic publication for which I wrote mentioned the Labouré Society (which helps eliminate financial obstacles to one’s entrance into religious life or the priesthood).

Having received scholarships, parental assistance, and working myself, I did not have any college loans to pay off. However, I was gratified to hear about the fine work the Society undertook.

Now, years later, I was reminded of the Labouré Society again…Read more

it is encouraging that many vocation directors are now aware of Laboure Society’s ministry. As there are still many vocations lost because of the hindrance due to student loans.

Many of us pray for vocations each day, Laboure Society is one (effective) way to ‘put your money where your prayer is’

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