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Howdy all.

My buddy got married this past weekend and is on his honeymoon. It’s a family tradition that while one’s on the honeymoon, that the brothers/sisters come in and ‘decorate’ the house.

For example, his sister’s husband was an avid fisherman so while they were gone on the honeymoon, they brought his row boat in, stuffed his clothes with straw to make a straw man sitting on the boat fishing complete with poles, hat, etc. His line was in a kiddie poll that was filled with water and gold-fish.

Well we have personal stuff like that, but I’m looking for other ideas. For example, we’re going to hard-boil the eggs in his fridge. We’re going to raise his bed several feet since they’re not very tall. We’re going to completely fill the bathroom with balloons.

Any other creative ideas? :smiley:



When we got back from our honeymoon our fridge was full of hangers. They had even put some in a bowl with water in the freezer so they were frozen inside the bowl.

It may have been more amusing if we hadn’t had a bunch of flight delays coming home and got back to our apartment earlier than 2:00 a.m. while suffering from jet lag. :rolleyes:


Hide some alarm clocks to go off at odd times…

Remove the paper labels from all the canned goods in the pantry :slight_smile:


you guys are just awful and mean roflmbo

next you will be loosening up the faucets washer so they hear DRIP DRIP all night, or taking the fasteners off the toilet seat,
or the hinge pins out of the doors,


What a fun tradition! I wish I could help you in person :slight_smile:

When my parents got married, the family put a big L on the bed–in their country driving students had to put a big L sign on their car to signify “Learner” :smiley:

You could get a little stuffed animal, like a rat or something, and tie it to the kitchen cabinet door, putting it inside the cabinet. Then when they open the door, the thing comes flying out at them.

Change the lightbulbs to colored bulbs!

Take the lightbulbs out of the appliances (fridge, dryer)!

Put a funny wreath on the door!

Put their clothing in the kitchen cabinets and put the kitchen stuff in the bedroom cabinets!

Glow in the dark stars/stickers on the ceiling fans.

If they have photos on display, put funny pictures (like monkeys) in the frames on top of the original photos.

Paint the inside of one of the closets in a fun way or in a festive theme.

Move the furniture around to different rooms of the house.

Put window decals (the reusable kind without the glue) on the windows–each room can be a different theme (I’m thinking about this because my son’s window is full of Easter bunny decals right now).

Get a funny shower curtain and replace the one they have.

Ok, I think that’s enough for now :smiley: Good luck–if they knew what you were up to, they’d change the locks!


This was my idea, that was not exectued by me, since I don’t know dry wall, from plaster of paris.

My friend is a construction project manager. He’s always building things, sheds, boxes whatever.

While they were gone, we took down his door, and removed the wood trim from the door frame, we got boxes with crickets and hid them in his room, and the alarm clock thing. Then we drywalled over where his door was, and painted it to match the rest of the wall.


I do not think any of these things are funny. At all.


Fill the bathtub with jello

saran wrap the toilet bowl (not the seat or lid)

‘short sheet’ the bed (for those that don’t know, basically fold the top sheet in half. the bed looks made right, but due to fold, cant climb inside)

just a few



OMGOSH these are hilarious! What an awesome family tradition!


use a piece of cardboard, open the medicine cabinet, and put the cardboard over the cabinet… pull the top of the cardboard away a bit and pour in a few pounds of marbles. then close the door, slide out the cardboard and when they come home and open the medicine cabinet… marbles EVERYWHERE!


:thumbsup: That’s a GOOD one! Too bad we don’t have one in our house, or I’d be tempted to try it on my hubby! In fact, too bad my parents don’t have one either! :smiley:


Put up all their Christmas decorations, including lights on the house (if they do not have any, borrow the tackiest you can find from amongst the friends).


Doesn’t a newly-married couple have enough to do upon return from the honeymoon without having to lug all the kitchenwares from their bedroom & such?

In our family, they come home to a couple different choices of meals in the freezer, a tray of cheese, crackers & fruit in the fridge & a favorite wine chilling, with fresh flowers & candles in their room. Likewise for new babies in the family (only more meals in the freezer!!)



My son regularly cat sits for my husband’s brother and his wife. Sometimes we take canned goods with fake labels we’ve made (using a graphics program) and add them to the pantry (we leave their stuff intact). What’s really funny is that they’ve never mentioned it to us!

We’ve left cans of Cream of Roadkill soup, Bees, and Greyhound meat.


I love this thread and if they have a sense of humor, i am sure it will lead to a lot of very funny stories that they could be telling for years to come…

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I wish you guys the best of luck


Bells attached under bed to box springs…

If they have separate closets…switch them

get the tackiest(betty boop or loony toons) shower curtain and replace theirs…

Send baby gifts… have them all on display or get a new baby sign to put out for when they return…


I may be an old fuddy-duddy, but I agree with Coast Guard Wife. There are so many kind things one could do that everyone could remember with fondness. I suspect that the perpetrators will talk for years about all the mean fun, but if I were one of the couple I would remember that friends really can be plain mean. Not all the tricks were that mean, like crickets, bells, saran on the toilet, but when it takes major work to undo a trick it ain’t funny any more.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

This one is so mean its hilarious!!



Here, here.
Every family is different, but I know that if anyone had done many of the things suggested here when we were married, my hubby and I would have been seriously annoyed when we came home. And it’s not like we don’t have a sense of humor.


This particular indivdual was quite a prankster. When he came home and saw it, he called and said… You guys finally got me, who’s got a sledge hammer? He laughs about it still, and hasn’t pulled anything on us since. He knew he had it coming, and his wife was laughing so hard at him she almost peed herself.

Generally, we don’t do anything for our friends when they get married. Mostly because I am always a bridesmaid… and wearing uncomfortable undergarments, and ugly dress, terrible shoes, footing the bill for showers, gifts, travelling, and not being allowed a full glass of wine for the entirety of the reception and having cold food due to picture taking makes me less than charitable when the wedding weekend is over.

This one particular guy just had it coming, and he knew it, and was a good sport about it.

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