HELP! Urgent

This isn’t about the liturgy or sacraments, but I need help urgently, and I have no idea where to post this.

Some people here might be aware of the infamous Australian heretic Peter Kennedy, who led hundreds of parishioners from Brisbane into a self imposed exile. His ‘church’, Saint Mary’s in Exile, has a large social justice wing associated with it. I recently discovered that my school, a Catholic college in good standing donates significant amounts of money to this activist group.

Is this illicit? I was of a mind to urgently write to our Archbishop Mark Coleridge, a staunch Catholic, God Bless him, but I decided it would be best to receive your advice. Should I confront the educators responsible for this privately?

I don’t know about this fellow and his group, but I don’t see why you shouldn’t go to the administry to inquire if and why money is being donated to them. This would allow any misunderstandings to be cleared, if any. Then, if you are convinced there is funds being spent on supporting an anti Catholic group, I would definitely take it to the Bishop.

I pray you have the humble and bold Spirit of our Lord. :thumbsup:

Several of the largest social justice groups today are part of the culture of death. Numerous reports have been written about this, and sadly, even the CCHD has donated huge sums of money to organizations that are contra to Catholic moral teaching.

I actually wrote to our bishop (who has since retired) about Catholic money annually going to these types of organizations. I was protesting the diocesan fund for Catholic Relief Services whose donations have also been embroiled in controversy. He did write back but said there was no way he could keep track of the byzantine methods of networking with these agencies. I, in good conscience, do not put money in the basket for them even though it comes via my bishop’s appeal. I do try to expose these groups whenever I can and not even indirectly help their cause. If it were me, I would act on this, making sure my research was accurate.

Are you a student or teacher at this school? I suggest you speak with the school authorities to ask about their decision to donate, and why they feel this is a good choice. Don’t accuse them of anything - present yourself as somewhat concerned, and seeking to understand.

If the answer is unsatisfactory, or a relevant authority refuses to meet or discuss with you, express your concern to the bishop.

OP, you are correct that a Catholic school should not be donating to a schismatic group. I would as the administrators at your school and also write to the bishop advising him of this. Your tone should, of course, always be polite and respectful.

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