Help-Vaccinations derived from aborted babies DNA

I am incredibly overwhelmed. I have a 12 month old and just found out that virtually all of the vaccinations that are considered ‘mandatory’ are derived from aborted children. I feel sick to my stomach. My DD has already had two of the vaccinations that come from aborted babies. Now, at 12 months, I am facing the worst of the worst- the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella). All are derived from aborted children. Merck makes it very hard if not impossible to get alternative vaccines for Mumps and Measles and there is no alternative for Rubella. The Chicken Pox vaccine is the other one they push at this age that also comes from aborted babies. In a world where people are so worried about patients rights, I am appalled yet again that no one cares for children’s rights. I just don’t know what to do about these vaccinations and my daughter. Many schools won’t allow children to attend if you don’t get the vaccinations.
ALSO the MMR vaccine is a hot topic because of auto-immune diseases and Autism. Goes to show what happens when humans try to play God.

Any advice on what I should do and how I should handle this will be much appreciated.

Alternatives are listed here:

More alternatives:

If you insist on alternatives, you may have to wait up to 3 months before a batch can come in to your pediatrician’s office, but it’s worth the wait!

Children of God for Life ( submitted this issue to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the Vatican response is posted on their site. This should help you in making your vaccinations decisions:

COG also has some other vaccine info on their main page, and info on alternatives.

Thanks so much Miserissima. I’ve already been to the Christian Patriot website. It’s a great resource.
I found an article on CSN also…

…which states that the Vatican’s position on it is that the decision must be made with consideration of the bigger picture, such as your child’s health and the health of the larger public.

The medical field has just become so frightening. Ethics have been thrown out the window. I volunteer at a facility that helps pregnant women fulfill their pregnancies- we understand that no woman WANTS an abortion, they just don’t feel they have another option. We give them the means and support to give birth and either raise their child or give them to an adoptive family. I feel like such a hypocrite working so hard to save souls only to have my own daughter injected with the DNA of tiny martyrs.
I will certainly demand the alternatives that are available- and am refusing the Chicken Pox vaccine altogether. My only fear is that I did read that Merck is no longer offering the vaccines separately- meaning, that if I get the Measles and Mumps alternatives, they don’t have the Rubella vaccine to give- which is a scary disease. It’s such a mess.
I wish it didn’t take me this long to learn about everything. It’s never too late to start praying, though.

Thank you so much for the link- it was incredibly helpful. I just explained to Miserissima that I volunteer with pregnant women at a pro-life facility. My daughter comes with me quite often. It makes sense that it would be for the benefit for these pregnant women that my daughter be vaccinated, as Rubella can cause severe damage to their unborn babies.

I am so glad I posted my question on here. Little by little I am being led to the right thing to do- even if it wasn’t the answer I was expecting. I need to do the right thing for people as a whole. I need to vaccinate my daughter for the betterment of not only her, but the many pregnant women I come in contact with.
Thanks again! God Bless!

It makes sense that it would be for the benefit for these pregnant women that my daughter be vaccinated, as Rubella can cause severe damage to their unborn babies.

As a personal aside, I do not have the antibodies to rubella. Even after I had been vaccinated again when joining the military, and again for a medical procedure I didn’t go through. And still no antibodies. And now I’m pregnant. Scary!

Very scary! Good luck and God Bless!

You could chose to not vaccinate at all. Many (most) times, unless you are world travelers, babies/children do not need all the vaccinations recommended.

My little guy is 8 and we have forgone all of them. My dd is days away from 13 and other than the early ones, hasn’t had any.

Schools most certainly do allow you to attend without vaxxing. Laws to vary from state to state, but you are the parent and you do have the final say in your children’s health. I’m in Ohio, and I have three options to choose from.

It’s hard to find good info out there. I’m comfortable with our decision, as is my doc (most are not), therefore, I don’t have any recent links that aren’t scare tactics, but if you want, I can ask around :slight_smile: Both sides, btw, used those scare tactics.

Could someone help me understand the vaccines made from aborted babies comment. Does this mean that when the vaccine was first developed fetal tissue was used to create the vaccine and now each new dose of vaccine that is created uses aborted fetal tissue? So if we stop aborting babies eventually the vaccine will no longer be created?

Or does it mean that when the vaccine was first created aborted fetal tissue was used to test the vaccine and that was the only time the tissue was used?

Or something else?


I what I read (and admittedly I only skimmed it) the cell lines originated (something like 40 years ago) from tissue of an aborted baby who was positive for rubella. The cell line still exists and are reproduced. Kinda like the cell lines that Bush approved for embryonic cell research. They don’t need more to make new batches of the current vaccines.


The problem with this is that you can’t predict whether any of your children will ever travel outside of the country. Additionally, the possiblity that a person will come in contact with someone who hs been outside the country is VERY high. Just look at how quickly the swine flu spread.

No, but if you are making a trip to a third world country, it will require some time to plan. Enough time to get vaccinations, if you wish.

{shrug} I’m not debating, only offering alternatives.

I apologize ahead of time for my crassness in the following paragraph. I just don’t understand and so am trying to ask a simply-worded question to get my answer.

So when they originally made the vaccine there was a baby in a lab that had been aborted. And they took the blood/cells out of this baby and stored them in the lab refrigerator. Then everytime a new batch of vaccines is required they go to the fridge and pull out a vial that contains this baby. They use a few drops of the blood/cells and mix it with the batch of vaccines. And that is why we say that vaccines are made with aborted babies?

So will the cell lines run out? If so, does that mean no more vaccine or a new aborted baby would be required to make the vaccine? If the cell lines do run out and we do need a new aborted baby then why aren’t scientists working on making vaccines that don’t require aborted babies? Or is that the alternative vaccines (link above) are available?

I really wish I remember enough of my immunology classes to talk intelligently about this :frowning: What I CAN say is that is that they aren’t mixing the babies blood with anything. Fibroblast cells were isolated from the baby’s lung tissue. These cells can be used to make more of the same cells over and over again (assuming that contamination of the line doesn’t occur).

Sorry that’s all I know :frowning:

Ok The rubella vaccine is a live attenuated virus vaccine. Attenuation is the reduction of the virulence (danger) of the virus while still keeping it alive so that it can be used in the vaccine. Essentially the rebulla virus was passed through the baby’s fibroblast several (I read 20-30 times) to reduce the strength of the virus so it could be used to make a safe vaccine.

Whether they reproduce the fibroblasts, the attenuated virus itself or the reproduce the vaccine. I don’t currently know. Maybe I’ll have time to find out :slight_smile:

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