Help (vasectomy reversal)


Hi. I have a friend whose husband had a vasectomy. I thought I had seen a website somewhere about a vasectomy reversal.
I thought it was called the St Joseph Institute. But that’s incorrect. Would anyone know what website I could have been thinking of?


I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but has info about reversals–dr’s who perform them, and testimonies about reversals as well.
Hope that helps.



If they are anywhere near OK, it is very worth considering Dr. David Wilson. His practice is totally reversals (1 per day) and he does this as a ministry because of his own personal religious convictions, so the fee is very low. He is a devout Christian and a highly qualified physician. My dh recently had his done w/Dr. Wilson and we were very happy with his care. Even after 9 years, I was pg in 2 mos. I thank God for that, but Dr. Wilson sure was a big part of it too. PM me if you want more info.


Incidently, men are now bound to reverse their vasectomies if they have confessed it according to the CCC.

Thought I would add that just because your post lacks detail.


Yes they know they don’t have to have it reversed. :slight_smile: And I’m pretty sure it was confessed, though that’s between him and the priest and his wife not me.

They were considering having it done, but the price is outrageous. :eek:


Could you please quote your source as this is the first I have heard of it. Thanks!


I think jrabs meant NOT bound to have a reversal…



Thanks. That was always the way I thought it was and couldn’t imagine the Church requiring surgery…:wink:


FYI, Dr. Wilson’s fee is $1500 total.


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