[help wanted] catholic social networking


I have been a passive member of this forum since 2005. This forum has been a great help for me in defending Catholic faith.

I have strong background in developing web application and I own a dedicated server. Late 2007, I decided to give something back to the catholic community by creating social networking website for catholic targetting generation x and y. I acquired domain katolik.com (catholic in polish, indonesian, etc) and started to build the social networking.

It turns out that the website became pretty popular and i think it became ‘too’ popular recently. After multiple hack attempts on the site, one hacker is finally able to deface the website and erase all of the data including user info and articles that users generated over the years. Now all of my hardworks are gone. I’m thinking to start rebuilding it again from scratch however due to limited time on my end, I would like to ask everyone’s opinion on this forum whether I should rebuild the site again or doing nothing and let the hacker happy.

If it turns out that I want to rebuild the site again, I’m gonna need a strong team who share the same vision and interested in helping me rebuild the site. As long as you are interested and passionate about this, any talent should be able to help. Minimum requirement to help is you have to know how to use computer and know how to reply a forum thread :slight_smile:

If you are interested to help, please reply or pm me with your email and what area you think you can help

oh and btw, the website will and always be free


Edy Lee

Have you thought about Joomla or Drupal?

I was using social engine version 1 as the foundation before it got hacked. I heavily modify the script to accomodate the users need.

Right now, social engine has released their version 3 and I own the license for katolik.com. Since this version is very robust and rich of feature, I expect to make less modification on the script than before.

any other opinion or responds?

happy new year btw!

I went ahead and rebuild the whole thing using social engine. Please let me know your thought


Anyone has any suggestion on what features should be added?

anyone is willing to be part of the team?


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