HELP! Wax all over the place!


I need help fast!!! I just knocked over a candle and spilled wax all over the counter, down the cabinet and onto my hardwood floor (bamboo):eek: :o.

How can I clean this up? I know how to remove wax from carpet, but not from wood floors or cabinets. I’ll just peel it off the counter, that should be pretty easy, but I’m afraid of damaging my floor and cabinet or not getting it off completely.

Your help would be truly appreciated, thanks.


Try pouring boiling water on it, then, soaking up the mess with a towel! I just hope water doesn’t damage the floors.:shrug:

Perhaps alternativly applying a hot wet rag and rubbing. Yeah, much less messy than pouring, eh?


From a professional…not me.


ICE, get it cold and it should easily come right off.


I would definitely let it harden first and then try to scrape/peel it off like the above post recommends. Good luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks guys!!! I got it all cleaned up, I let it harden then I took a plastic card and scraped it off.

The wax got into tiny crevices and grooves on the knob of the cabinet, so for that I got a dish rag wet and stuck it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. I grabbed a pot holder and took the wet towel out (caution…very hot!!!) and held it over the knob and crevices and it melted the wax right off onto the dish rag:extrahappy:!!!

I took the dish rag and rinsed it with hot, hot water and then took it and wiped down all the surfaces where there was wax and it lifted any residue that was left behind!!! Thanks for all your help guys:thumbsup:!


Wow. A little bit of everything.:rolleyes:


This makes so very much sense :D. If it is a PartyLite candle, the wax is even easier to deal with, I had one melt all over my wooden counter and it is all up with no stain, granted it was a light green cucumber melon one.

Brenda V.


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