Help -- what is God's will for me?

I am trying to discern God’s will for me. I have spent some significant amount of my time lately to figure out what path that God wants me to take.

I have a very good job, a brand new car, and enough money to sustain myself…God has given me all these out of his pure love.

However as I come to think of what I should do for my own life…all these things that I accomplished seem utterly selfish and meaningless. Why is it me that have money, fancy clothes, food, shelter, and car, while people living in the third world is suffering under hunger? Often I discover that I am so focused on earning bread for my own that I forget that I should focus more on Christ. I have been thinking of becoming a religious sister lately.

yet at the same time a part of my heart is still somewhat uncertain about whether it is truly God’s will for me to join a religious order. What I know for sure is that God wants me to “serve at his altar” - I have been an altar server for years and Jesus has given me many graces through this lay ministry. I wish God speaks to me in a loud voice to let me know what he wills for me, but God will do what he wants to do…

I am so confused…any thoughts?

Keep praying and visit some religious communities.

I do have some very heartfelt thoughts…

First I’d go to Adoration and just feel God’s love. I think it will be placed in your heart what to do.

I lived in a 3rd world country for 2 years and the poorest of the poor would give to me and didn’t feel that they were less of a person for having less things. They felt God’s love and shared with their brothers and sisters more than I see here in America. In my opinion it isn’t the “things” you should concern yourself with, but what is in your heart regarding the things. Could you be that peaceful living totally impoverished like them? ( I just re-read that and it may sound pretentious or putting you on the spot, I DON’T MEAN IT TO BE!!! It’s heartfelt and warm I swear!!) I found that I thought I could but wasn’t sure… so it wasn’t the things for me. I knew many maids and nannies since I was one of the few stay at home American moms there and what struck me about them was no matter how poor they were and they were cleaning up after “rich” American families it didn’t say anything about how they felt about themselves. They didn’t feel any worse and I liked them better. That showed me to strive for God’s love to be so strong that I could be that person and be that happy or to have the things I have and not be so attached to them I lose sight of God.

I know it might not be what others say, but it was what I believe God put in my heart by experience. But honestly if you ask God about that he will give you the opportunity to see what the real issue is inside.

By the way, God’s will for me was NOT what I expected it to be :wink: It could be right under your nose.

God bless you and I believe God loves your sincerity no matter if you get it wrong or right.

This is a tough one. I hear what you are saying and I can completely understand. I think you should do what some of the others has said, but while you are discerning, there is nothing that says you can’t help Catholic Charities, St Vincent de Paul or any of the other worthy charities. You could help them financially (you seem to feel that you have more than you need, so helping monitarily would be one option) but another option would be to help them with your volunteered time. I don’t know what you do for a living, but I’m assuming you have talents, but I don’t know what talents you might have and what they might need.

This might be a great way to help those who are less fortunate than you… God may not be calling you to be a Sister, or maybe He is… but either way you could help those less fortunate out who live right in your own backyard out.

I wish you many blessings and I pray that you will find out God’s will for you.

YBIC, John

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