Help! what to do about missing Mass


I have been fretting about a upcomming dilemma.
Here’s the problem: I’m traveling out of state for a relative’s wedding (almost all day trip by air). My flight times are all ready set, I travel there on Friday and fly home Sunday at 8 am… The wedding (not in a chruch) is on a Sat. At first I thought it would be an evening ceremony with a reception to follow, so I did a search for Catholic Churchs in the area and planned to go to Mass Sat afternoon…now I find out the wedding is early afternoon with reception to follow :eek: …how am I going to get to mass? I would have to leave in the middle of the reception.:o
I really don’t want to miss Mass:( … help! what should I do? this case would it be a sin to?
any suggestions welcome …thanks everyone!


Hi Kayla,

If you have to leave in the middle of the reception in order to make your Sunday obligation then that’s what you have to do. God comes first. I have had to do major “gymnastics” to make it to Sunday Mass when I’m away from home. Our Lord is worth it! My non-Catholic family have learned that if they want to take my children anywhere then they either have to have them home for Mass on Sunday or take them to Mass wherever they are. It is a great witness to how much we love Jesus.:love:

God bless,


If you fly home at 8am, isn’t there a church in your area that offers Sunday evening masses? Our parish has one every week (it’s affectionately known as the mass of desperation) :wink:


I found one! I found one!..our campus ministry has a 6pm Mass on Sunday, I’m so happy I looked around…now I just have to pray our plane gets in on time.
thanks Island Oak for your suggestion!:slight_smile:


You can also go on 5:30 Saturday night in the right of Jewish tradition, The day starts after sundown.


A long time ago, when I was a kid, we lived in Peru. My Dad worked in the Sechura Desert, and we kids always wanted to go out to the camp. But to do that, we’d have to be gone over the weekend.

I asked a priest about it (an Irish priest who ran the school we attended.) He said, “If you’re out in the desert, you can’t go to mass, and if you can’t go, there’s no sin.”


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