Help! What to do next with Discernment!


Im 25 years old, single, and have been tackling with a vocation for a few years now. It all started in high school. I applied and was accepted to the diocese where my college was for formation when I was a freshman in college. After a year made a decision to drop out. Shortly after graduation, I deployed to Afghanistan. Over there and when I returned, I have met priests that have tried to talk to me about vocations after finding out my story. I have always said no, that I have already tried that and it wasnt for me. Well a few months ago, I felt like there was something missing in my life. I let my faith fall by the wayside and did not know what I believed. I have reconciled myself with the Church through the Sacrament of Penance and affirming my beliefs. In this whole process, my interest in the priesthood resurfaced. I have talked to friends and prayed about it. After thinking about it, I found a few fears that I have about pursuing a Vocation

  1. The fear of letting people down. I feel that when I pulled out the last time from formation, that I let the people who supported me in the process down.
  2. The fear that I am making a rash decision. I am currently working on a masters in healthcare admin. and a career. If I pursue the priesthood id have to give up all that. I also dont plan on entering any program until i return from a year long deployment to Afghanistan, so I feel like that will give me some more time to discern

I was suprised that taking an oath of celibacy isnt a fear of mine. I lived an unchaste life and before this whole process started, I found the emptiness in that and made a promise to quit that way of life.

I guess I feel like Ive matured and grown since I discerned this previously. I think im in a much different and better place now.

So my question is where should I go from here? Any guidance or advice people can share would be much appreciated. Thanks and God Bless!!


Talk with your priest & Spiritual Director (If you dont have one, get one), contact the Vocations director of your Diocese (and any Religious Orders you feel called to), go on spiritual retreats and discernment retreats (these are generally at seminarys), but above all
PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and PRAY SOME MORE and when your done PRAY SOME MORE, spend time before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, attend Benediction, attend Mass regularly and receive the Sacraments.

I am discerning to the Priesthood aswell, im only 18 though, Sunday i actually came off a discernment retreat at the Seminary of my Diocese, and have another oen booked in April with the FSSP, but I feel sure, that after university (just incase I am mistaken, and the Ordinary and the Church believes i am not called) I’ll enter Seminary, and begin the process to my Ordination.

My Brother in Christ, you shall be in my Prayers, I’ll pray for you through the Divine Office, and the prayers of my heart, the road is long ahead, but we walk in the Peace and Love of Christ, and may the Holy Spirit guide us, and give us the strength to answer his call.

Yours Fraternally and Spirituall in Christ
Pax et Amor Iesu Christi vobiscum


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