Help -- where is this story?

The story in the Old Testament where God’s prophet built an alter and the Prophet of (Bail?) built an altar. They both prayed and God sent down fire that burned up Bail’s altar? Or I have that backwards?

What is scripture – I want to read this again.


1 Kings 18:17-40

I love this story too. It’s in 1 Kings 18. It’s Elijah’s sacrifice that is consumed by the fire of the Lord even after the altar and sacrifice is drenched with water three times.

Thank you Fidelis and Kate – I love this story and will re-read it tonight. I believe this story is sometimes the answer to contentious arguments that non-Catholics and sometimes non-Christians may want to draw us into.

I don’t recite the story, but somtimes I just believe that each of us praying God’s will be done in our lives and praying for each other is the best answer – like this story.

Then Almighty God will decide what to do about our altar (of prayer).

I have always loved this story though. Very applicable to our times I believe.

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