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Hi everyone

I hope I put this question into the right section. If I didn’t my apologies to the administrator. I’m stitching a cross as seen in the enclosed link to celebrate friend of mine who recently was ordained as a priest. I’m stitching a frame in green, the celtic cross part in purple, the middle cross in red and the smallest cross in black. I will also be using white to fill in the spaces of the cross. These colours are meant to represent the liturgical calendar. Do you think it will matter that I’m not using the colour rose which represents

Gaudete Sunday (Third Sunday of Advent)
Laetare Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Lent)

I’m using deep rich colours which are close to the colours we see throughout the liturgical calendar. If I use rose instead of black, I’m afraid the cross will appear to be more feminine which is definitely not my friend’s style at all.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks SG


The only problem with Pinterest is the fact that they throw all kinds of roadblocks at the viewer.

I think I saw what you were talking about. I would go with the black if rose is thought to be too feminine. I’m sure he’ll treasure it.

A gentleman who participated as lector in my wedding ended up getting ordained. When we got into town on his ordination weekend, I stopped by the local religious goods store, intending to buy the first ‘priestly’ thing I saw. A chalice and paten were on sale, so the issue was addressed.



Black is also a liturgical color, for All Souls day (?) and for funeral Masses. I heard from some priests that funeral Masses is were they feel very ‘fruitful’. So having black is a very good choice, I think.

Rose/pink - the world associates it with femininity (or with gays) - but the Church associates it with joy immersed in repentance. So a small ‘rose’ accent would not be bad after all, maybe not too prominent. It’s only 2 days of the 365 days in a year!


It’s lovely. I agree with above. Maybe 3 stitches in rose at the “points” of the cross? Good luck you are very kind


That was my thought. Under the old liturgical norms a priest would wear black vestments much more often than rose. I also know many priest ordained in the past 8-10 years are returning to the use of black for All Souls and other Masses for the Dead.

A solution might be to take the center part of the black cross and use a few stitches of rose in the center. Another option might be to use 5 rose colored knots at the ends and central junction of the inner cross (similar to the 5 pieces of incense placed in the paschal candle for the 5 wounds of Christ).


I would stick to the rose. I don’t think there’s one priest in this Archdiocese that wears black.
They wear the rose only twice a year without fuss. It’s the norm now.
Honestly, do you really think a priest is anti-any rose colored things? That’s odd. With his training, he understand the liturgical colors and their meaning.
It’s very sweet of you to make a commemorative gift. I’m sure he’ll love it.


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