Help with a new Bible

Sorry I posted this in another Forum…but it may need to be in this one, here’s my question.
I’m in the process of buying a new bible…this is what I found so far that I like…b/c it has words of Christ in red and complete w/aprocrypha. Can I get some of your opinions on this?
I have also looked into the Ignatus Bible, but it does not have anything in the way of notes…does anyone find these to be of great help while reading the Bible?
Any other suggestions would be helpfull…I also heard there will be a new puplication of the New American Bible called the Revised New American Bible, anyone heard of this?
thanks for all your help!

How about one book at a time… try the Navarre Bible Commentary… It contains a good translation (RSV), the latin if you are interested in that, and a good commentary. It costs more, about $14 for each of the 12 volumns of the NT.

It is also available in hard cover - the whole NT Gosples, and multiple volumes of the rest of the NT. The OT is also in multi-vol format and most all of the OT is now available.

Or just a good RSV translation. Feel brave or bold? Get the Douey Rheims version.

Another choice would be a parallel Bible. You can read 4-8 different translations side by side.

I don’t recommend the NAB nor the many “study” bibles that put too little effort into leading you to act on what you read. Nice to read, nice to feel good, but then what?

Mr S

The Ignatius Bible is favored by all the Seminarians/priests I know. You might want to check at a Catholic Bookstore for a concordance or study guide.

Good luck and God bless!

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