Help with a theology term

Dear friends,
I’m trying to remember a word I ran across once in Karl Keating’s newsletter, which describes the way in which the three persons of the Trinity reside in and work through each other. “Circumensession” pops into my head, but I don’t think that’s right because I can’t find that at New Advent and random, incorrect thoughts pop into my head all the time. Can anyone help? I’m using it for a paper I’m writing, and I want to have the correct word and spelling, as well as the most correct definition.
God bless,

The word is circumincession. It is a way of trying to describe the interior life of the Trinity. It means that the Father is in the Son; the Son is in the Father, the Holy Spirit is in the Son and in the Father, and the Son and the Father are in the Holy Spirit.

Note that the circumincession has nothing to do with God’s relation to humanity, but only with the three persons of the trinity in their relation to one another.

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