Help with born again boss

I need some help in dealing with my extremely evangelical Christian boss. I am a private person and I don’t talk about my religious beliefs at work. However my boss constantly quotes the bible whenever I make a mistake and its driving me nuts. He loves to say, “Jesus said you are snared by the words of your mouth” and spits fire and brimstone quoting the bible whenever and wherever and to whomever.

I put up with it at first because he’s a semidecent person under all that. But now the constant quoting the bible and constant preaching on how everyone needs ‘saved’ is driving me crazy. He sees work as his personal ministry and the workplace is apparently ripe with people who need saved. I have complained to his boss to no avail… HELP!!!

I’d probably put up the biggest statue of Mary I could find in my cubicle.

But that’s me.


I think you should be honest. There’s nothing wrong with telling him that you feel his evangilizing is inappropriate and distracting in the work place. After all he wouldn’t appreciate it if you quoted the Apocrypha at him unsolicited

I’m not sure why this is making you so crazy, but maybe you could find a light-hearted way to change the subject. Something along the lines of, “Amen, brother! Now how can we fix this problem?” Or, you could go the bolder route and say, “I’m sorry but your constant quoting of Scripture in every situation makes me uncomfortable. Could you please tone it down when we are discussing work stuff?”

Is your company large enough to have a human resource department? Both your boss, and his boss may be violating your right to religious freedom. If his boss won’t do anything about the constant preaching then report him for that, and your boss for using the work place as a private religious center.

I think people should be able to speak of God anywhere, their belief or disbelief, but that is very different than being preached at all day long.

Other wise you might try what one poster suggested and put up a statue of the Virgin Mary. You could also include a large crucifix. Then if he tells you that this is not allowed ask him why not sense he preaches about God all the time. If that did happen you would really have some ammunition for human resource department.

A general comment that comes to my mind is this: Faith has more to do with living and actions than constant preaching. How is that going for you? (In reference to your boss of course.) Personally, I always worry about someone that has to be constant mouth piece even in matters of faith. All to often it is nothing more than a smoke screen so they look good, while behind the facade there is a lot of wrong going on.

My advice is to meet him head on. Tell him you love Jesus and strive to love your fellow man. Furthermore, that mistakes are part of our human condition and as such we should value effort more than the results as this is how Jesus judges us. Paz.

Ask him to quote Matthew 6:5-6, then tell him to think about what it means.

Is he doing this because you are Catholic? I like the one post that suggests you throw a couple of Amens at him. Myself, I would throw some quotes right back at him, and see if he backs off.


Does your company have an HR department? Consider using email to communicate your concerns with your superiors. This way you can document the problem and have proof for it later if you need it. What you are describing is a form of workplace abuse.

If all else fails, a call to the EEOC might bring about some results. If you suspect this man is harassing you over religious differences, and your pleas are ignored, they are setting themselves up for quite a big mess if they are not careful.

I agree with this. this borders on harassment and it is especially troublesom because it is coming from a supervisor who shouldn’t be using his position to bully those who don’t share his version of the Christian faith. I would go above his head and complain.*

Many born agains are not aware that other’s know the bible too… funny joke about this and heaven.

When he does this again, very nicely say, “Oh, I didn’t realize that you are Catholic, which Mass do you attend?” When he says that he’s not Catholic, mention that you are Catholic and (provided your church has an RCIA program) mention that your church has an RCIA program that goes deeper into the christain faith that he might find very interesting.

Should shut him up, but be prepared to go to the RCIA class too :slight_smile:

Anything more, will most likely get your position terminated given that he is the boss and you are not… unless and until this involves something of a sexual nature, you’ll have a hard time gaining any ground.

I’ve learned to ignore people at work. I have coworkers who make sports references every chance they get. Some talk about their kids etc. These things come up in conversations all the time, even when we are talking business. I just ignore it or change the subject back to what we are supposed to talk about.

I’ve had to learn to work with some pretty difficult people. I smile and nod a lot. Keeps me happy and employed.

Sometimes I would rather see an “on-fire protestant” than a “lukewarm Catholic” I know several like that. It is wonderful that he has fallen in love with God. He has a new little red wagon at the moment, and you’re gonna take a ride whether you want to or not! :smiley:
Consider it an opportunity to practice patience and charity.

Be the best Catholic you can be. Pray for him often…not “oh God make him leave me alone!” But the “I really care about you.” type prayer…and Live your faith with your kind words and healing actions…let your boss See Jesus in you before you speak words that can’t be unspoken…“Speak” with your own life first…“be a mirror of His mercy a forgiven Image of His Grace” is how one music artist put it.

In these situations I like to quote to them the words of the great Thomas Aquinas “Go and preach the gospel to the entire world and some times you might even have to use words”

This is a twist upon the sentiment of St. Francis

St Anthony Messenger - Ask a Franciscan:Q: I keep seeing St. Francis of Assisi credited as saying, “Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” I have looked in several places but cannot find where St. Francis said this.

A: This is a great quote, very Franciscan in its spirit, but not literally from St. Francis. The thought is his; this catchy phrasing is not in his writings or in the earliest biographies about him.

In Chapter XVII of his Rule of 1221, Francis told the friars not to preach unless they had received the proper permission to do so. Then he added, “Let all the brothers, however, preach by their deeds.”

Have you made it clear that you don’t wish to discuss religion with your boss? If not, you should. From everything I’ve read once you do that the discussions must stop, or it becomes harassment at that point. I’d make it clear that you find his constant harranging both offensive and a detriment to your being able to do your job efficiently.

I think talking to the HR dept is a good idea, if you have one. But if they are following the law then there is nothing they can really do until you make it clear to your boss/co-workers that you do not want to participate in religious discussions.

As for the joking jibs route, I personally would avoid it. It is unlikely to make him stop and will most likely make things worse. Plus if you do this you are engaging him in a religious conversation, which won’t help your case if you end up needing help to get him to stop.

What kind of job is this? A small business or a corporation? Is he the owner, or just a local manager? Not trying to be nebby, but my advice would be based on your answer and how much leverage you have.

How many employees are there in the whole company? Do you have a human resources person. Did they tell you upfront this is a “christian company”?

With all due respect regarding advice to contact HR because of implied workplace abuse, etc. this is the attitude that has got America in the dismal situation we have now, ie censoring the Gospel. God is not pleased with this according to the Bible. We should rather use this opportunity to spread our faith instead of allowing the secularists to completely outlaw any discussion of Christ in our public lives.

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