Help With Catcher in the Rye

So I have to read Catcher in the Rye in class. Are there any particular chapters I should avoid?

While there is some strong language, the message of the book is very good, it’s an excellent book.
Post again when you’ve finished and figured out the point of the story! Happy reading!

Why would you avoid reading portions of a required school assignment?

Yes. It’s literature. Read it. All of it.

What a great book! I am pleased that your school requires a classic such as this. Sadly some schools have all but abandoned classic literature.

I agree with other posters that it is a great book. I read it in school, and have taught it as well.

However, there is a lot of strong language. If you have a sincere objection to that, find out your teacher’s and the school’s policy for selecting an alternative book. Showing a willingness to work hard with an alternative shows your teacher that you are sincere and not merely trying to get out of work (which honestly is going to be the first suspicion if you ask to skip chapters or suggest that you shouldn’t have to read them.) Teachers have students try to get out of work all of the time and we tend to be rather sensitive about it. :wink:

What’s to avoid?

CITR is a well-known book. It deals with a serious part of human life: youth angst. As such, it is considered part of the general culture and general education.

Yes, the f-bomb is liberally used in the dialogue. I can’t imagine a 2014 HS kid doesn’t hear worse from their friends all the time.

Real human beings use rough language, it’s part of human life.

Go ahead and read the whole book.


Don’t be scrupulous.

The good sisters in my quite strict Catholic high school assigned “Catcher” to us in 1962. Hard to believe it, or its language, is still controversial. From what I understand, “Catcher”-type language can easily be found on any school bus starting with middle school.

Yeah, all of it! :rotfl:

I never understood why everyone liked it so much. For me, it was…:shrug:

Maybe I ought to re-read it.

I thought it was extremely dull and I didn’t relate to anything in it, but some of those “great” classics are just horrible. You’ll have to force yourself to suffer through reading it and hope no other teacher or professor makes you suffer through it again.

Well, I did hear that there’s some racy parts in the book, but since you guys say it’s fine, then I would assume the racy parts are just rated PG.

@PensMama: You’re a teacher?

There are a few references to sex, but they’re not explicit if I remember correctly. Most of the objection to the book (besides just dislike) that I have heard regards the language used by the protagonist. He swears a lot, including blasphemous language. But like other posters have said, it’s language most kids who are assigned the book either use themselves or have heard a lot (which shouldn’t be the case IMO, but it is reality.) It can actually be interesting to discuss why he speaks that way (and by extension why it’s basically expected that everybody his age talks that way now).

I was a teacher; now I stay home with my kids. I taught middle and high school English and have taught this book. :wink:

Well, my concern with Catcher was that there may have been some “racy” scenes. Thanks for reassuring me guys. I guess I can read the book then.

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