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Peace be with you all,

I am currently in RCIA at St. Michael’s Catholic Church. I recently had a discussion with one of the sponsors who approached to engage in discussion before Class and he boldly informed me that it’s okay to disagree with the Church on certain issues. He then informed me that he disagreed on the Churches position regarding Homosexuality. I disagreed with him but felt that while I am in formation I properly shouldn’t engage in debate with a baptized and confirmed Catholic who might be attempting to somehow aid me in accepting the Church but I can tell you I almost walked right out of the Church and possibly never would have engaged in formation again. Perhaps that is a bit harsh on my part but I was really shaken up and very upset. Can anyone offer me some advice with what I should have done or offer me advice on how I should handle this person if I run into him again? I am not trying to be judgmental toward homosexuality and in fact have some associates whom are known to be homosexual. They are friendly toward me and I can interact well with them but if one asks I respectfully inform them of my views but also point out that I feel the same way toward those who engage in non-marital sex as a life-style. I am unclear how the Holy Spirit manages to exist within one who persists in moral sin as it is defined by the Church but I am hopeful that they will see that error of their ways in time. So I hope I don’t come off as a prude or elitist but I am looking for some advice.

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It’s unfortunate that people involved in the RCIA sometimes give out bad information. Your position should be that of the Church. Try not to let such individuals discourage you; but follow the true teachings of the Church as found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


It is not okay to disagree with the Church on articles that she has definitively proposed to the faithful for belief - teachings on homosexuality being one of those areas. Whatever individual told you that is part of the Church’s problems in America and has no business being a sponsor for a candidate or catechumen.


If the catechist in your RCIA class did not rebuke the sponsor for uttering this rubbish during your RCIA class, then I recommend that you withdraw from this RCIA program and find a parish where the catechists have some backbone.

Unfortunately, some parishes have very bad RCIA programs, and there is no need to subject yourself to one. I can’t see how enduring a bad RCIA program is going to help you become a faithful Catholic.


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