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I was givin an mp3 player for Christmas and can’t seem to learn how to put music on it. Any sites I go to want you to sign up for a membership requiring a monthly fee. Is that the only source for downloading music?


I’ve bought songs from MSN Music-- it’s a per song fee, not a membership. You can choose the format you want to download it in. Walmart has downloadable music for sale too on a per song basis.

You can also “rip” CDs you already own using Windows Media Player on your computer. You then convert the tracks to an MP3 format and then load them onto your player using a USB connection.

I’ve gotten help online from Microsoft technical support. They walked me through how to do some music downloads and converting file formats via their web chat support. You can try that if you have trouble ripping your CDs to MP3 format.


Today I tried putting a song from a cd onto it and even though the player was plugged into the USB port my computer said that Windows did not detect it. That’s when I gave up. I have no idea what to do about that!:stuck_out_tongue:


Is it a name brand MP3 player? If so, go to the manufacturer’s website and look for technical support. That’s all I can suggest.


I did a couple of searches on the internet and it seems some MP3 players will automatically go into USB mode and others have a manual setting of “USB Connect” or “USB Mode”. Perhaps yours is one of those and you have to switch the mode before the computer will recognize it.

Your MP3 player LCD display should say “USB connected” if it is the right mode.

Type “computer doesn’t recognize MP3 player” into Google and you’ll get a ton of tech support websites, some better than others.


Didn’t it come with directions?

My kids have MP3 players, and they all came with directions.

They rip CDs and then can drag the music from the computer to the player.

Is your USB port working? If you plug other things into it, are they recognized? Is your MP3 player turned ON when it’s plugged in?


Which version of Windows are you using? If you have an older version like Win98SE or WinME you most likely need to install a new driver on your computer. (The MP3 player should have come with one or told you where to download it.)

Usually XP can detect anything connected to a USB port (if the connected device is turned on.) But I’ve had problems with some devices, (Kodak cameras, specifically.)

If you have other USB devices connected to your computer (printer, scanner, etc.) you might want to disconnect them while trying to connect to the MP3 player.


I’m so glad someone posted on this!!! I got an mp3 player as well for Christmas :). My husband said that sometimes the CDs do not automatically convert into mp3 format when you rip them, or at least that’s been his experience in the past, so it will take up more room. I haven’t tried to rip any of my CDs yet, but I’m happy to hear about the websites that you can buy on a per song basis! I was NOT going to pay a monthly fee for one.


I would also add that some of the places that allow you to download songs on a per song basis will let you use gift cards to make purchases. You can often purchase the gift cards in grocery stores and pharmacies.

(I don’t know if they make you give them a credit card as well. iTunes doesn’t but some of the other music providers might.)

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