Help with Confession Kind of Urgent

Hi! I am having a problem with confession. Tomorrow I am going to confession and I have a few questions. I really don’t know how to put this into words but I will try.

  1. Ok so about a year ago I confessed the sin of masturbation and other sexual sins, however, it wasn’t mortal because of my ignorance. I confessed it kind of vaguely saying I was impure with myself. Looking back I realized I might have done another act of impurity without knowing it was a sin. Should I re-confess it? Even though I didn’t know it was a sin and I stopped doing it at the same time I stopped masturbating? Or is it forgiven because I said being impure with myself which may include the other impure act I was doing?

  2. I was doing a lot of impure things because I didn’t know they were sinful. Looking back I realized I might have done some more impure things without knowing they were sins like talking to other inappropriately and reading kind of sexual stories. Should I confess these too even though I had no idea they were sinful?

Can somebody please help me I really need a reply before 8am tomorrow

I would say “yes, but inform your confessor as to the circumstances” for both of these. Really, it’s the best way I’ve found in situations like this.

best way to handle it. bring it up again, get it all out. trust in the Lord’s mercy,move on. God bless.

A mortal sin must be:

  1. Serious (or grave)

  2. The individual must know it is serious (at the time it is committed)

  3. there must be full consent.

Rather than spill out all sorts of graphic detail, ask the confessor how you should deal with this.

a) He does not need to know every graphic detail to absolve you;

b) He is both human and a man. Graphic detail is not only not necessary, but also can cause issues with him leading to sin.

Christ does not play “Gotcha!”. He forgives. He is not trying to trip you up and throw you in hell; He is trying to reconcile you to himself.

Speak with your confessor; tell him that you have confessed, but did not give particular details or list all of the times (and you may not know, any longer, how many times exactly - and if you don’t, then you should have no concern - Christ is not playing Gotcha!). In other words, describe it about as you described it to us; and follow his directions.

Ok thanks I will tell him that I have some forgotten sins from my past and just confess as usual


I do not think you need to re-confess just because you had forgotten something one year after your confession. Try not to think that every sins needs to be confessed because you seem to be a very faithful and committed Catholic and all of your sins are forgiven at Confession whether you confess it voluntarily or involuntarily. The point in Confession is to make Confession to your sins but it does not necessarily need to be accurate as it is in your case. If people commit mortal sins yes be accurate but most confessions on a regular basis deals with venial sins so the Lord Jesus puts away all of these sins even if you do not confess accurately every sin. However if you are one bothered by this and you want to have a sense of closure than let your priest know of what is troubling you but let him know exactly as you have posted and ask him what does he think, if you had to bring it up and he will help you the next time you are going with this.

A friend of mine (a Jesuit) suggests that the last “sin” from the penitent should always be “…and for all my sins, I seek the Lord’s forgiveness.”

Kind of a catch-all.:slight_smile:

When you arrive at Confession, just ask the priest what to do and go from there.



Remember that the Holy Spirit is there with you and will give you the words. I believe the effort you are putting into getting this right is pleasing to the Father and He is so ready to pour out his Love and forgiveness. But you don’t have to think you’re alone…the Spirit is with you. When you receive absolution, you will feel this weight lifted and Angels will rejoice for you! God bless you!

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