Help with dad/sedevacantism

Good evening everyone I need your help as i feel stuck and don’t know what to do.
Please no mean comments.
Truth be told, I have been falling in and out of faith frequently for years. One minute I will be praying the rosary daily, the next I’ll be hardly thinking about God and worrying about other things. It is something I struggle with with almost everything (tasks, even friends)
About a year and a half ago I had been kind of half heatedly attending church for some time. My dad had started going to a sedavacantist church and he convinced me to go with him. At first I loved it, and thought I found the true church.
But then one day I had a vision of two churches - one was a Catholic church and one was a sedavacantist Catholic church. I was asked if nothing was holding me back which would I go in to. I knew immediately it was the Catholic Church in union with the pope.
Sorry for how long winded this is. My dad is very very very abrasive. When I started showing signs that I might not think this is the true church, he quizzed me and demanded to know why I wasn’t going to communion. Last week my husband and i went to mass at a Catholic church that was not sedavacantist and when my husband told my dad (they work together) he flew off the handle.
He told me later I might as well not have gone and lectured me. I knew this was going to happen and I had this whole speech planned out that I was going to say “ive had it beaten in my head for 28 years that there was only one Catholic faith and then suddenly you decide you’re a sedavacantist and you want me to do the same”
But I chickened out and said “oh yeah, sorry…”
Like a moron. I can almost cry thinking about it.
Idk what to do. I love my dad but I’m scared how’d he react if he knew that we weren’t sedavacantist. (PS hubby is basically along for the ride, he was raised jahovahs witness and doesn’t quite understand what’s going on even though I’ve tried explaining to him)
Thanks everyone please no rude comments I am already stressed and yes I know I brought this all on myself

“oh yeah, sorry…” isn’t a bad response!

A simple reply that puts some distance between you and your hard-headed Dad is probably the best approach.

In the meantime, start watching EWTN with your husband.
Streaming TV is the best way to watch.

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You are 28 years old. You are a married woman on your own with a husband.

If you can’t tell you dad, “hey dad, you do you but as for me— this is what I’m doing and it’s not up for discussion” then find a counselor who can help you work through your fear of standing up to your father and work on language and techniques for handling the anxiety.

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Sometimes we have to learn to disagree without being disagreable.

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