Help with De Montfort's Total Consecration

Hi everyone,

I recently decided to undergo the Consecration to Jesus through Mary as devised by St Louis de Montfort. So I bought the TAN version of ‘True Devotion’ which included ‘Preparation for Consecration’, all the necessary readings for each period/week of preparation.

The snag is, the book just dumps all the reading for each week in one section, not split into days.

So I spent two hours the other night splitting each week’s reading into enough to read each day. I suppose my question is, am I OK following my own reading plan? I haven’t left anything out from any section, so I figure it’ll be OK.

Greetings Matt86,

Me and my spiritual director have split the readings to make sure they cover all the days. No as long as you read the suggested readings it is okay. Of course you can supplment them to. We are reading the readings and as well as the book to.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

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