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I am in a Traditional Latin Parish in UK, and am able to use my English / Latin Missal, which is great, but I have also started attending vespers & Complin during the week, which is chanted in Latin and I would like to be able to follow it, but have not been able to find a hard copy of the offices with the Latin and English shown in a similar way to my Missal. Also, What I have found is very confusing and can be very expensive and I need to make sure I buy the appropriate one. Can anybody offer any help or advice ? Thanks


I would suspect that whoever is leading Vespers and Compline would be the best person to ask.


Thanks otjm, Yes I suppose you are right but thought I would ask as I don’t like to bother the clergy as they are usually very busy and difficult corner. Thanks for the advice


Do you know if they using the 1960 Roman Breviary or the modern LOTH in Latin?


Hi OraLabora. I believe it is the 1960 :slight_smile:


Baronius Press has a Latin/English Breviary, but it is pricey.

Angelus Press has a Latin/English Compline booklet that is inexpensive.

I don’t think you will find a Latin/English breviary with Vespers very cheap.


Thanks Windmill… Yep I suspected this was going to be the case :(. Oh well I need to get on the trail of the second hand bookshops me thinks lol. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


If they didn’t mind, you could always bring a tablet and pray off of the website or the BrevMeum app on an iPad


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