Help with drug addiction?


Does anyone have any recommendations for Catholic resources on drug addiction? Books, services, support groups, etc.? I really feel like I need the Catholic connection in my recovery, and don’t know where to start.

If I should be posting this in another forum, please lead me in the right direction.


Take a look in the Family Life forum. I believe there are threads about addictions there.


Talk to a priest. Most give awesome advice and are great sources for support.


Call to NA or AA to see when the meetings are. Go to the next one and one each day for the next 90 days. Of course, don’t use. That should give you a reasonable start. And don’t forget - prayer works!

God bless you.


Keep posting with us. We will pray for you in this difficult time. I had a drug problem myself several years ago and by the grace of our wonderful Lord I was able to clean myself up. Clean for nearly three years now! Thanks be to God! :slight_smile:


I second this, I have worked with several addicts, and 12 step programs have the spiritual component, and seem to have better success rate (including overcoming relapse). I have a friend who is 10 years clean with one relapse really early on. Her best advice would be, to remove any elements from your life that you possibly can that would cause you to slip up. PRAY regularly. Go to meetings (she goes at least once a week, sometimes as many as three), go to Church, try no to be alone, but keep the company of those who will help you not harm you. I definitly talk to a priest, he may even know of a private support group near by.

It really is a battle SnowFlake, I don’t have any personal experiance, but I’ve seen the struggle up close. I’ll say a prayer, and just hang in there!:hug1:


Call your parish and set up an appointment with a priest. He should be able to steer you in the right direction. My prayers are with you.


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