Help With Evangelizing Young Buddhist


A young Chinese friend, 27, female who was visiting this Christmas had an “experience” during our Christmas mass a few days ago. I believe she felt the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit while the priest was consecrating the Eucharist. She cried for a couple of hours following the mass (tears of joy I believe) and said the the priest changed in his physical appearance during the consecration. She wants to attend mass again yesterday, which she did and now wants to know more about our faith.She is currently Buddhist. Any suggestions for reading materials? I’m not sure she believes in our God let alone Jesus. Any suggestions for reading? Thank you.


First, keep up the good work!

I think the Gospel of John is a good start.


This book seems to be rather popular. I’ve not read it personally, but it has some decent reviews. It is the conversion story of Paul Williams. Not sure how helpful it would be but It might be worth a look at anyway. Or … maybe not. lol


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