Help with finding a Saint

Does anyone know a saint that had to deal with difficult parents? Parents who professed the faith but did not lead the life? Lukewarmers, I guess? Or outright heretics? It would be great to find out how they were able to love them in spite of their creating their own version of Catholicism. Thanks and God bless!


Bl. Margaret of Castello:

Frances and ExLibris:

Thank you, thank you, thank you…these saints are wonderful! God bless you both!


Yes this saint’s really touched my heart. :):):slight_smile: She’s so great.

Yes, she is! I hadn’t read about her in awhile but remembered the hardened hearts of her parents; what a beautiful testament she is of unselfish love.

certainly St Francis of Assisi had parental control problems

I have always heard your saints find you…Mine have…

Who are yours RedRoseTea?

Saint Dymphna (I know I most likely spelled that wrong). She is Patron Saint of those with mental illness because her father had one and kept trying to rape her, but she kept saying no and prayed for him. Eventually he killed her. So I suppose I would classify him as a “difficult parent”. :stuck_out_tongue:


St Bernadette, and St Anne Fr Solanus and FR Gabriel Richard…

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