Help with guilt and mortal sin

Hello. I am someone who used to struggle with the sin of masterbation. I have been able to resist myself… But not when I first wake up. When I woke up I started to… I don’t want to go into detail. But it’s because I can’t even think straight. I just woke up one morning and after the action felt so terrible about it. But I wasn’t exactly conscience. But if I was… And I don’t go confession I’ll sinfully receive jesus at mass on Sunday. But I think I may have Scrupulosity and I feel guilty for everything and can’t decide if I was conscience. Examining my conscience is very hard for me. Should I go to confession, because I heard when you may have Scrupulosity not to confess doubtful sins. Please help I don’t know what to do. One things for sure, I never would have done this while awake.

I would go to confession just to be safe, and while you’re there, discuss scrupulosity with the priest.

And don’t worry, lots of people, myself included, have similar problems. Look for a men’s group in your area that deals with that issue. In my area, we have St. Augustine’s Men’s Purity groups, I have found it to be very beneficial.

Hi Child of Pio,

I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. Be at peace and know that God loves you. :slight_smile:

If you think you struggle with scrupulosity you should get a regular confessor and confess to him. Let him know about your struggles and ask him to help you judge.

In regards to your specific sin, it could be mortal. That’s enough of a grey area that it would be difficult to judge. I would go to confession, and I would refrain from receiving until I had gone.

When you’re in the confessional. Ask the priest if he thinks its mortal. And ask him for a good guideline for a situation such as that.

And while you’re at it, explain you might struggle with scrupulosity and that you’re looking for a regular confessor if he’s interested. :wink:

Remember - God loves you and desires for you to beat this sin. If you keep at it, you’ll beat this. Never give into despair!

God bless you! I’ll say a prayer for you!

Sounds like a great group!

Do you know where I could find out more info about that? I have been looking to try and start or join a group of similar purpose.

That one is more specific to my area.

St. Augustine Men’s Purity group.

Currently, we use a program (L.I.F.E.) that was developed by a protestant. It’s not as Catholic-specific as the group would like, but it’s not bad. (I think that’s the website, but I don’t have time to look too specifically.) Catholic answers also just released Delivered!, which is excellent. I believe they are also working on developing more Catholic-specific purity support systems.

Hope this helps, God Bless.

Thank you guys for the help :slight_smile: but what if I truly believe that there’s room for doubt? I just went to confession last week and I’m pretty good with not doing the same sin again. So if I truly think that I was not conscience during the action do you think that God will understand and I can receive on Sunday? Because confessing over and over doesn’t always help and if I don’t have to confess (because I truly think I wasn’t conscience) must I?

Thanks! I’ll be sure to look into it!

You guys have been lots of help :slight_smile: but I think I found my answer
This says that in order to feel better about scruples, I shouldn’t feel that need to confess mortal sins unless there is NO DOUBT that it was mortal. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi again Child of Pio,

If it was not a conscious decision than it cannot be a mortal sin.

However, I’d still encourage you to get a regular confessor if you struggle with scrupulosity. It will really help you overcome the struggles and live a happy and healthy spiritual life.

God bless you!

Don’t do what I did and receive Communion without confessing this filthy habit first. That is a mistake I wish I had never made. I have opened Pandora’s box, it seems. I am a rational, matter-of-fact type of person. But, I kid you not, I now have the unwanted attention of what I can only describe as ‘beings from other realms’. The utter insanity of issuing such a ‘David Icke’ sentence makes me shudder as I type it, but it is true. I can’t see them, but I CAN feel them, and they are dragging me down and leaving me drained of energy. They make it impossible for me to escape this habit. All I can do now is dull the reality of it with drink, because the people closest to me don’t believe it is happening.

Take my advice. God won’t understand.

Best wishes,

Please pray for me about my decision. I WAS half asleep but I was also sinning, I’ll think about it some more today. Your prayers will help my decision if I go to confession or not.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength & fortitude to overcome your temptations.

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