Help with Hymn


I can’t seem to remember this hymn. I believe it is an older one, and I can only remember the tune of the last few words of the refrain. I thought the last words were something along the lines of “Jesus is Lord, God is Love”, but apparently not. The tone is pretty deep, if that helps.:shrug:

Any Help is greatly appreciated!


That’s an extremely vague description. What else do you remember about the song? The tune? What’s the song about? How old are we talking about? Chant? :hmmm:


It’s definitely not a chat. It’s is more of a traditional hymn, probably from the 19th-early 20th century. I know its extraordinarily vague, but that is all I can think of.:confused:


Maybe you’re thinking of “Christians let us love one another”?


I have no idea as to how you figured it out, but that is the one!
Thank you so much.


It just so happened that we sang that hymn at Mass last week :slight_smile: Glad to have been able to help




The hymn tune itself is Picardy, but the Catholic hymn is “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”, which is a hymn about the Blessed Sacrament and the reverence and awe that should be paid to it by us mere mortals. We sing it frequently at the TLM, but the version you usually hear at the OF, is a Christian watered-down feel-good hymn.


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