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Sorry…I wrote text but it disappeared. Am asking for help in identifying this rosary…beautiful red oval glass beads, a crucifix with - Ithink - “Luc Neyt” engraved on the back(I’m assuming it would be a persons name) and I think a tiny hallmark, perhaps silver.

The main thing I’m trying to find out…I want to use it, but would like to know more first - is that it has two decades, separated by a single bead, but one decade is ten, and the other has twelve beads.

Could anyone help?

Sets of beads or knots used for prayer are chaplets. The Rosary is one very well known chaplet.

You have a different sort of chaplet.

This is the best resource I know for identifying chaplets:


I can see a couple or three repairs to this rosary, my guess is there were once more beads that were broken or lost. In my opinion this is a St Therese chaplet

As someone who repairs vintage chaplets, I can tell you this would not be difficult to restore to the full number of beads. Most folks like me collect old, broken chaplets so we can often match vintage beads.


Thank you so much for such a helpful reply…it’s a beautiful thing; it never occurred to me that it might have been broken and repaired. I’ll think about that…there’s something oddly appealing to me about being broken, but still being used…a personal kind of thing. I wonder if I could “give” it new life, as a St Therese chaplet?

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My first step is a deep clean. Simply soak the beads in water + dish washing liquid over night. Rinse, soak again in a fresh solution. Keep doing this until the water no longer ends up dirty. Then rinse and dry the beads.

Next, repair.

Online or at your local crafts store, learn wire wrapping bead techniques. Practice on some other projects before you start on your prized chaplet. You CAN do this!!

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My mom makes rosary’s I asked her she’s not sure but because the beads aren’t even it’s so many on one and more on another it could be a broken rosary someone just put together to fix but honestly I’m not sure and we could be wrong

It’s very interesting.

“Luc Neyt”, I websearch it, it sounds like a Belgian name.

Broken or unbroken, I would be careful about “repairing” it, perhaps, there’s something special about it. And it was meant to be like that. Maybe somehow it is unique, I would think about it.

I went to a retreat, they had these attractive wooden beaded Rosaries for a reasonable price, I was just looking for a regular Rosary, there were so many people there. When I finally got home to look at it, it was not a regular Rosary (10 Hail Marys a decade, ec.), it was a different devotion but I pray that one too sometimes.

I can’t speak for anyone else, I’d also look to see if it looks like it has actually been “reassembled” or worked on. Maybe it is meant to be that way.

When I work on my own metal chain Rosaries, I work on links, close them up with needle-nose pliers. The photos make it almost look like it has been worked on but it’s not clear enough and no, I don’t think more photos would be needed. I would just say inspect it.

Needle nose pliers:

Maybe the 2 decades have a special meaning.

Maybe a member of the clergy would know but this looks like a one-off to me.

I’ve started using less expensive chord Rosaries or Rosaries on a string more or less because chains sometimes, seem to be a concern, can come apart and all of that.

Many people come here, maybe someone indeed, will know about it exactly.

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One more thing on this - I wastold(by a Sister, who is lovely, and is helping me, and Ifeel as though I’m being bad asking this, as it’s questioning her way) that second hand/used rosaries of any kind should not be bought/sold on eBay. To be honest, I don’t find it problematic, as it’s going to be loved in a new home.

Any thoughts on this?

Ebay is just another vendor. We buy rosaries and other religious goods in other stores. So as long as the sale of an item is legit (ie. NOT relics and the like) it is fine.


Maybe an Orthodox Rosary for praying The Jesus Prayer ?

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What beauty we would lose!

It is perfectly fine to buy or sell a rosary

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