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I am looking for a “cheat Sheet” to help me get through the Liturgy of the Hours. As you know, it can be very confusing (especially the weekend readings)! I had one, but now it’s lost. Does anyone know where on the www I can find one?

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If you use the CBP edition, a page guide to *Christian Prayer *can be found here.

A page guide to the 4-volume *Liturgy of the Hours *can be found next to it, here.

Not sure which you are asking for?



After doing alot of research, I found a really great book…

The Divine Office for Dodos, by Madeline Pecora Nugent. O Thank you Lord for leading me to this! I just got it an hour ago, and I can’t put it down. It tells you the** who what when where & whys**, I’ve never found anything more informative. To see/order do search divine office for dodos dot com. I went to the website that they requested we order from Confraternity of Penitents.

I never knew that we were supposed to bow at the Glory Be…and so many other things. And it is written for us non-intellectuals!

Thanks for your help friends!


Thank you, Dogmom!



I use the “Christian Prayer” book as well. The link below is to a week to week page guide for praying with Christian Prayer. Just in case your book didn’t already come with the booklet guide for the year.


You could buy at Catholic Book Publishing the guide for Christian prayer for the whole year to help you better get into the rhythm of praying it.


I humbly present my own webpage on how to pray Christian Prayer. :blush:

All the best to you and God bless.


Hands down: DODOS is the best (and funniest) guide to the LOH out there. Go to the gift shop. I recommend this book to everybody who asks me about prayng the Divine Office. I am a pledged and vowed member of the Confraternity of Penitents. This book is “our” baby because our General (Madeline Pecora Nugent – aka sr. Margaret of Cortona) wrote it. DODOS walks you through both the 4-volume LOH and Christian Prayer


I have this book and heartily endorse it. :thumbsup:

Check it out here.

Do not for get to send off for the book markers and ribbons.

Here is another suggestion. If you have a religious house or community see if you can join them in praying one of the offices in the LOTH. Also, consider asking your priest for help or guidance, or even if you can join him. All priests are and most religious required to pray at the very least three offices, Morning Prayer (Lauds), Evening Prayer (Vespers) and Night Prayer (Compline).


While I endorse the DODO book, I personally do not use those markers and ribbons. They work for some people but it’s just too much apparatus for me. I use the five ribbons that come with the book plus 2 bookmarks: one for the Common and another if there is a secondary common. That’s ALL. I used to have a marker in the Ordinary as well, but I have now memorized the Venite, Te Deum, Benedictus es, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis as well as the 4 seasonal Marian antiphons for Compline, so I don’t need markers for any of that any more.


That is true. I only used the ribbons and markers at first. After a short while, they tended to get in the way and I stopped using them.

One thing that I did do was copy the little inserts with the Invitatory Psalm and canticles. I did it in such a way so that Magnificat (Evening Prayer) and the Invitatory are one one sheet and the Canticle of Zechariah and Te Deum are on the other. Then I use them as book marks.


Yes, many of our sisters and brothers do that also. Then before you know it, you have all that stuff in your head, and you can omit those as well.

Mind you, after decades of praying the office with this system, many of our brothers and sisters (including Madeline Nugent) still use the full set of markers & ribbons.

Off topic: Wouldn’t it be great if the publishers of the Office books put 7 ribbons in the spine and used the SAME colors for all volumes so that at a glance you would know that say, green is for Proper of Seasons, white is for Psalter, violet for Night prayer, yellow for daytme prayer, red for Proper of Saints, blue for the Commons, black for the secondary commons and/or Office for the Dead?


I totally agree. I have been looked for replacement ribbons, but have not been satisfied with what I have found.

But you know, as I type this, I am thinking that it would not be difficult to make my own. Hmm…


Ribbons are easy. Getting them to stick between the binding and the quires (I think that’s what the sets of folded & stitch pages are called). I think stitching them to a piece of fabric and gluing them with a flexible glue would work best.

You would have to be scrupulous with setting it up so you wouldn’t get any glue on the pages!


It’s not that hard – You just need a tab that is flexible enough not to interfere with the opening the book, but stiff enough and long enough that it won’t back out on its own, and it can just slide in. Something like this. (Sewing a bit of cardboard into your piece of fabric would probably suffice)

The extra ribbons in my book haven’t dislodged in 20+ years…



Man! 20 years? My 4-volume set is less than 10 years old and the ribbon thingies are already threatening to walk.


Does anyone know where I can get the
inserts with the Invitatory Psalm and canticles, Magnificat, etc? My dog ate them!



I would contact the company that published the books or make my own.


“make my own”…how smart! Thank you!


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