Help with making this decision... math tutor or help with retreat?

I’m a senior at a Catholic High School. This Saturday at 9:30am there will be a one day retreat for middle schoolers (if I am not mistaken that they are middle schoolers). They need help with the retreat due to the approximately 100 or so middle schoolers. However, I also am trying to get into the Army Early Commissioning Program at the school i’m going to, Marion Military Institute. In order to do so I need to get one point higher on the ACT (from a 16 to a 17) which I will take on April 18. So I have been going to a math tutoring organization called “Mathnasium”. They are closed on Fridays and Sundays. My Father would strongly prefer that I go to Mathnasium instead. What do you all think? Should I help with the retreat or go to the math tutoring which my Dad has paid for? (Not for this Saturday but for the tutoring as a general fee) At Mathnasium you can just come and go whenever they are open.

I would go to the mathnasium. It’s an important step for your future (which will provide you with who knows how many opportunities to lead people to God) and you can still incorporate many other daily examples of evangalization with your life. And, hopefully, the next retreat will be better timing for you.

I wish you well whatever you decide. :slight_smile:

Math. The Retreat will be populated with qualified adults.


None of the little squirts will remember you, but if you didn’t get into the school you wanted just because of one lousy point, that could haunt you forever.

Sorry–ya can’t use the retreat as an excuse. Do your math!:smiley:

This is your future, go for the math. There will be other retreat.

Just to clarify, I am already accepted into the school. The ACT score is for getting into the Army Early Commissioning Program, it’s a path for commissioning as an officer in the Army, a 2 year version of ROTC.

As a Christian
As a Catechist
As a Chemist
As a Parent
With the Love due a Neighbor
Go to the Math program!

Your faith and desire to help on the retreat is admirable; however, there will be many more opportunities for you to help on such occasions… the opportunity to get into the program you are attempting is basically a one time event - once you miss the boat in the military… you are basically done, the opportunities to advance are like finding a vein of gold while mining, rare and valuable!

Thank you all for the help in discerning this. God bless you and your families.:tiphat:

Have you prayed about it? If God is truly calling you to be at the retreat, I would go to the retreat. (Besides, in a retreat you are guiding others closer to Christ and God comes first no matter what), but it is your choice.

The retreat is for other, younger students.
Plenty of time to be a youth group leader when he is older and qualified to do so.
Maybe he’ll even get a minor in theology one day! (I think he wants to study something else as a major, I forget. )
But as a high school student, I doubt that his presence would be all that essential at a middle school retreat.
He needs to respect the wishes of his dad.


(my shortest post ever!)

LOL. I hate Math myself. I feel for him. That thing about musicians and math???
beh. Not so much.

Do the math.

Your presence at a youth retreat, while admirable, would not be worth the lost work toward this onetime test score.

They have other youth leaders, but only you can get this score (unless you got a Bilocational Body last Christmas):):):):slight_smile:



Others have already answered this, and I would agree–do the math–but, it illustrates an important point. Our first responsibility is to our primary vocation at the present time. St. Francis de Sales makes this point in Intro to the Devout Life. In fact, this is the point that is made on his proper reading every year in the Office of Readings. Basically, he says that it’s not good for a wife and mother to be spending hours and hours in the church praying. Certainly, prayer is a good thing. But, not at the expense of harming her life with her husband and children, which is her first vocation and therefore takes precedence.

Your first vocation right now is to be a student. Sometimes, that means we have to sacrifice other goods. But, that’s what a choice is, having to decide between two good things.

Thank you for posting that… I had remembered reading this somewhere and couldn’t remember where or who. I’ll have to go back and re-read his intro!

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