Help with my trials

Fellow CAF prayer warriors I could do with your prayers at this moment. I’m going through many trials at the moment, although I’m praying and remaining calm at the moment, I don’t know how long I can cope. Please pray that I can remain strong, and that God will give me an answer to these problems I’m facing.

Will pray for you at Mass today.:gopray2:

Thanks Catherine appreciate all the prayers. :slight_smile:

I will be praying for your strength, guidance from God and peace through your trials.

iam keeping you in my prayers. we all face a trial of some sort in our lives. i pray that you will be able to face it with strength. God hears our prayers. whatever your going through, offer it up to Jesus.

Praying for you, Stitch.

Praying for you - thank you for your many prayers on behalf of myself and others :crossrc:

May your fears and anxieties be replaced by strength and courage and embraced by God’s love each day.

**Stitch I will remember you at Mass tomorrow!:gopray2: **

Thanks for those that have included me in their prayers. Last night I was saying to my wife that I no longer want to pray, don’t want to go to mass. I’m better of dropping dead. I’m just sick to death of decent folk getting the raw deal in life, while others prosper. :mad:

I’m so sorry things are tough right now. No, life isn’t fair sometimes, and that is so hard to accept at times, isn’t it? I’m still praying for you.

Will mention you in my morning rosary


**Stitch I really am sorry you are going through such a rough time. I know what that feels like, been there many times, as much as you want to, feel like it, now it not the time to NOT go to Mass. I will continue to pray for you and offer up my communion for you at Mass tomorrow.:gopray2: **

Stitch, I’m praying for you right now that the Holy Spirit will fill you with peace, and God’s calming grace. I, with you Stitch, am having serious trials, but I’m with you, I’m praying for you Stitch.
May God’s will be revealed to you.

Will offer up your intention during my holy hour.


Stay close to St. Michael!

Thank you for your kind prayers. Praying for all your intentions has been helping me. I’ve still got anxiety and a bit of anger over my chronic illness, and other problems, but I’m a lot calmer. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Aww…Stitch! :console: :hug1: My heart has great pity for you right now! You are always praying for others. I had no idea you were suffering so much in the midst of it all. :frowning: What a blessing you are to us! Sometimes when seemingly no one else would respond to my prayer intentions you were ALWAYS responding! :slight_smile:

It hurts me that you are hurting so. I feel that way often too. I have also posted about it, and, of course, you responded so kindly with prayers. You are my prayer :angel1: !

I often think…Why are so many people around me rich and prosperous, could have as many kids as they want, and have not a care in the world? Why do I have to suffer and they don’t?

They are not as happy as you think. Even the Christian ones. Yes, they put on airs. They put on the happy face. Deep down they are thirsting, starving for more. They won’t find it in riches, in peace, prosperity, or security. They will only find it in living as Jesus did. Giving up their niceties for him. Giving Him what He wants instead.
We suffer, because we are closest to the cross of Jesus, Jesus is closest to us. Even though we don’t see, hear, or feel Him, he is SO close to those who suffer (physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, etc.)

He is giving us the EASY life. I know it doesn’t seem it, but we won’t find Jesus intimately in the midst of prosperity, health, and peace. We find Him in the midst of poverty, suffering, weakness, illness, loss, pain, toil, strife. He is giving you the easiest way to draw close to Him. Without the obstacles of things, of a perfect life, of perfect health, of riches, of never feeling sad. These are all obstacles to intimacy with Jesus. He is giving you through what appears to be obstacles, a smooth, straight, direct, easy path to eternal life, health, peace, happiness in heaven with Him.

You are SO close to Jesus right now you could touch Him. Please give Him a big hug for us. Tell Him you love Him. Tell Him your struggles, hopes, and fears. Tell Him your cross is heavy, seemingly too heavy. Tell Him you need Him to help you carry it.

If you can’t even talk to Him, then give Him your life as it is. Formal prayers are not necessary. Just live your life for Him, pain, suffering, struggles, sadness and all. All for Jesus. All for heaven. :heaven:

Stitch, Convert99 is so right. I can’t add anything to her comment, other than to share a quote that I saw today:

"Once the Lord told me that I was not obeying, unless I was determined to suffer. I must fix my eyes on all that he had suffered and I should find everything easy."
St. Teresa of Avila

I will say special prayers for you Stitch. Hang in there.

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