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I was wondering if someone could send me links and/or give me information on NFP types. I've been charting my temperature for a week or two now, and I've gotten familiar with different stages of mucus. How does the temperature relate?

I'm not in the position to need NFP yet, I've got at least a year until my wedding, but my boyfriend and I decided it was a good idea to start charting to figure out if using NFP would be possible *.

Thank you!*


The fact that you're taking your temperature means that you may be more persuaded to use the Sympto-Thermal method...

Here are some good Sympto-Thermal resources:

Other methods:


Hope that helps!

Oh, and I meant to add... you mentioned wanting to know if NFP was possible and mentioning your regularity...
NFP does NOT require a "regular" cycle to be useful... it IS possible to use NFP - it's not "if"...
BUT - please be sure to focus on the spiritual side of this teaching as well... we are taught that NFP is valid to use within marriage for valid reasons... not just because you "only want two kids", but because you have a valid/legitimate/honorable/unselfish reason to avoid for a certain period of time (financial, physical, mental, medical, etc... reason).


Please take a class. Contact your parish or diocesan family life office for referrals.


We're planning on taking a class eventually, it's just we're in college right now and extremely busy, so that will have to wait a little while.

And we know--there's nothing my boyfriend and I want more than to get married and start having children, we'd both like a large family. However, we both know that unless financial status changes, it will be more responsible [and necessary] for us to use NFP to wait at least a year, possibly two or three, after getting married to have kids. Sadly :(


I suggest taking a class.

It's never too early to start charting though. People have been able to evaluate medical problems that have arisen due to their charts! It's something that I think every woman should understand and know well. Plus, when it comes time to actually use NFP for family planning purposes you will be in the habit of it and it will be easy for you!


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