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So I was/am being raised in a Baptist home coming frommy Great grandfather who was a church preacher as was my grandfather and my family is very Baptist/Bible Church-oriented. I began researching Catholicism for some reason (presumably the HOLY SPIRIT or Mary but I’m not positive why or how it started), and I started being drawn to it a few months ago and spent (and still do though less) hours a day reading different things for and against it. From what i read Catholicism seems to be true in all it reaches but i recently realized that all I had proven to myself (or what the HOLY SPIRIT had showed me) was things distinguishing Protestants from Orthodox/Catholic/Anglican/Coptic. I decided to just research the papacy particularly because that would boil it down to Catholic/Old Catholic/Sedevancist/Coptic. From there i truly hope and pray it won’t take long at all to lead me the the true church. I have been praying and reading constantly and I know that’s i cant do it alone but GOD can help me if I search diligently so I figured y’all could help a lot. I discovered this forum not long ago and have asked a few things and I like that it has so many people that seem to always be on, ready with reason a bible and a Cathechism. I need y’all’s help a lot. I have already read and listened to many things concerning the papacy (for and against: Many of the pages devoted to it seem to be an impressive list of quotes from early church fathers about the chair of Peter). I want to ask anyone who reads this to please, if you know any, post links or explanations or arguments or books (Bible and church fathers are primary) to anything you think would help. Even if it’s not the papacy specifically but something the East and West churches disagree that would help a lot. Seeing as this is Catholic Answers forums, i feel that many of them will be pro-papal pages but I also want to ask, if you can, for things dissecting anti papal claims (and not the basic ones). I know this is lengthy and asking slot, so I thank all of you for bearing with me. I just just want to come to the true Church, wherever that may be. Thanks and prayers are always appreciated and reciprocated.

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I wonder if you could help. :blush:

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Are you asking for books?

I like Stephen Ray’s, “Peter,the Rock, the keys and the chair”.

I thought I was giving you a link to a book. Because that’s what I had. But this is a link to a video.

There’s a book, too.

I guess the title’s different than what I remember.

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Thanks! I have watched that video a few times but i have not read the book so thanks for the recommendation.

GOD bless!

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Here’s a little bit from the Early Church Fathers on the topic.

From the bible:

The rock/pebble argument is simply false. Jesus
was not speaking Greek. They incessantly argue small rock or pebble and
completely overlook the elephant: Jesus changed Simon bar-Jonah’s name.
He does that for a reason.
Peter is named 195 times in the NT. The closest is John “whom Jesus
loved” at just 29 times. All of the rest even less. Peter is always
named first, Judas last. Here is a partial list of unique aspects of Peter:
Jesus gave Peter the keys to the gates of Heaven.
Jesus declared Peter to the the rock.
Jesus made Peter shepherd (Feed my sheep).
Jesus told Peter only to strengthen his brothers
Jesus paid the Temple tax only for Himself and Peter.
Jesus preached from Peter’s boat.
Jesus told Peter to “Follow me” at the sea of Tiberias.
Jesus called only Peter to Him across the water.
Jesus predicted Peter’s three-fold denial.
Jesus predicted Peter’s repentance and three-fold affirmation.
Jesus prophesied only Peter’s death.
Jesus taught Peter forgiveness 70 times 7 times.
Jesus spoke only to Peter at Gethsemane.
Peter is always listed first.
Peter alone received the revelation of Jesus as Messiah.
Peter alone spoke at the Transfiguration.
Peter pointed out the withered fig tree.
Peter entered the empty tomb first - John deferring to him.
Peter decided the manner of replacing Judas.
Peter spoke for the eleven at the Pentecost.
Peter was released from prison by the Angel.
Peter spoke for the eleven before the Council.
Peter held sin bound to Ananias and Saphira.
Peter’s shadow healed.
Peter declared the sin of Simony.
Peter explained the salvation of the Gentiles to the Church at Jerusalem.
The Angel told Cornelius to call for Peter.
The Holy Spirit fell upon the Gentiles as Peter preached to them.
At the empty tomb, the Angel said, "Go tell His disciples, and Peter."
Mary Magdalene ran to tell Peter and the beloved disciple.
The vision of all foods being clean was given only to Peter.
Peter’s words silence the first council in Jerusalem.
Peter alone received the revelation of the end of the world (elements melting).
Peter alone received the revelation of Christ’s descent to hell/sheol.
Paul went to Peter to affirm that his Gospel was not in vain.
And on and on and on.

So, one can deny that Peter was primary, but it takes an amazing
disregard of scripture and history to do so.

Also, former Lutheran scholar Dr. John Marshner reveals the early Church, especially regarding Peter’s role:



How can I help you

Patrick (PJM)

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Who are the Sedevancist? Old Catholic? Maronite? Byzantine? And Ruthenian? I know I just asked alot here. Thank you

Sedevacantism is the position, held by a minority of traditionalist Catholics,[1][2] that the present occupant of the Holy See is not truly pope due to the mainstream church’s espousal of the heresy of modernism and that, for lack of a valid pope, the see has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958.

Old Catholics are just catholics (heretics) who deny papal infallibility.

Maronites are Catholics (in communion with Rome) in the East under certain codes.

Church and Authority -

A strong argument for the papacy is just an examination of God’s love for us. If we are left with Bible alone then each person has to be his own Bible scholar and he has to carefully examine and sort out which one of the thousand different “Bible only” churches to go to. But God doesn’t leave us as orphans. He gives us an audible voice. He Father’s us through the papacy in spite of the sins of the Pope’s

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