Help with past drug use

I need help. I have always had anxiety disorder. Someone gave me a psychedelic drug called ayahuasca and told me it would help. I didn’t really want to do it but I felt pressured into doing it. I took it and saw and heard very scary things. I now live with a ton of fear every day. My anxiety level is severe. I think that it was a very evil drug.

Is there a priest or someone that can offer me guidance on what to do? Advice on demonic things like this. How can I get rid of the damage this did to me ? Do I need to exorcise demons? I was raised Catholic and I realize I should never do these things.

Please help me I need guidance and Jesus to save me :frowning:

Talk to your local pastor. And a medical professional.


Psychedelic drugs are Satan’s attempt to imitate Godly mysticism bestowed to many of his saints. Hallucination is nothing but Madness. These drugs rearrange communications in neural networks ‘arbitrarily’.

As an advice. Rest assured you will be slowly forgetting what you experienced over the days. But never attempt again. Avoid that bad company. Give time and have patience. May God bless you.

Lots of prayer helps. Pray a lot, especially the Rosary. Also, you might want to talk to your local priest about getting an exorcism. Whatever you saw in those hallucinations, it wasn’t from God, that’s for sure.

You took a foreign substance that impairs the brain. This is not the work of demons but rather of your own poor decision. You did abuse your body which is sinful so perhaps confess about it. Talking to a priest is always a good idea through personal struggle but God also calls us to use practical resources additional to spiritual…see a doctor and tell them what you took so they can assess your physical health.

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