Help with prayer books?

I’m a new convert to the Catholic faith, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend prayer books to me. I attend a TLM, and I’m about to receive communion for the first time and make my first confession, so books with great sections on these sacraments are ideal.

I’m looking for something rather complete and extensive, something that I can always have as a “go to” book.

If that makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

My absolute favorite is the Handbook of Prayers (Reverend James Socias, General Editor) published by Scepter .

Pocket-size, nearly 600 pages of great Catholic prayers and devotions. Chapter headings:
*]How to Be a Better Catholic
*]Basic Prayers
*]Midday Prayers
*]Evening Prayers
*]Preparation for Mass
*]The Eucharistic Sacrifice (includes the text of the Ordinary Form of the Mass in Latin and English)
*]Prayers After Mass
*]Communion Outside Mass
*]Eucharistic Adoration
*]Guide for a Good Confession (14 pages, including two examinations of conscience!)
*]Devotions to the Blessed Trinity
*]Devotions to Our Lord Jesus Christ
*]Devotions to the Holy Spirit
*]Devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary
*]Devotions to St. Joseph
*]Various Prayers
*]Prayers at the Time of Death
*]Prayers for the Dead
*]Sacraments When in Danger of Death
Many of the prayers are given in Latin and in English side-by-side.

Some less expensive sources here:
and here:

(Unless you already have one) you may want to consider a Latin/English Daily Missal for the TLM/Extraordinary Form.

I love the Angelus Press 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal. And I know people who use and love the Baronius Press 1962 Daily Missal.


I do have a copy of the Baronius missal as well as the Fr. Lasance missal, both of which are lovely, but I also want something that is a sort of treasury of prayers, communion preparation, examination of conscience, etc.

I’ve heard that Fr. Lasance also has a prayer book that is quite good, can those who own a copy tell me a bit about it?

Thank you for the suggestion, PhilotheaZ. I’ll have to take a look at that book; it sounds quite good.

Based on what you’ve indicated, I think Blessed Be God is exactly what you’re looking for.

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