Help with prayer..questions on novenas

I have a really hard time focusing on prayer, unless I’m writing it down, I’d love to get into the rosary, I think I’m going to pray a decade or two a day, that seems like it will be easier for me to focus. I also want to start praying novenas, but have a few questions, which I feel are kind of…dumb, but just to make sure, are you only supposed to say certain novenas during certain times of the year, or can you say them at any time of the year?

There are certain novenas you can say at a particular time in the year, or for a particular difficult situation. However, I think you can say any, at any time you wish, depends on what your intentions/petitions are.

Also you could download some rosary apps to help you pray, so you can recite along.

Hope this helps!!
God Bless!

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