Help with Protestant versions

I don’t know if this is a taboo subject or something but I’ve got a conflict in my mind about this topic and I’d appreciate some help so that I can understand the truth and do what’s right.

My question is about the protestant versions of the bible.

I know books were removed, and done so by usurping the authority bestowed upon the Church by Christ Himself.

I also know that what Luther and Wycliffe and others did with sacred scripture was heretical in nature.

Therefore, how can we be in the right if we give another person a copy of the bible that is not approved by the Church? I understand it still has some of God’s Truth in it. The problem I have is that it also works in a way intent on deceiving people from the whole Truth and it directly undermines the Church and in turn, Christ Himself.

So why should I treat a work of heresy as anything but a work of heresy?

If the translations in question have some value, like the KJV or something, the text could be useful to compare textual or translation variances in books that exist in common with Catholic Bibles. I know Jimmy Akin does this, as I recall, when he studies texts.

If you are concerned about who you give a Bible to, you could either simply restrict your giving to those who are less-informed Catholic Bibles, and if you give to someone who recognizes that he is receiving an incomplete canon, then you probably needn’t worry.

Thank you, that’s very helpful! Seems like a silly thing to be conflicted about, but it is what it is.

I know my mom and dad wouldn’t believe me if I said this, but I’m going to take your advice. lol

Yeah, I was told we need to look for a nihil obstat in the front and to avoid other faiths’ translations of the Bible, to stick to the tried and true.

You’re right, we should avoid the illegitimate bibles, but as Marco was saying, if you wanted to have an upper hand in dealing with someone that uses an incorrect version, it would be wise, as they say, “to know what tunes the devil is playing” or some such thing.

In other words, as long as you know what you’re reading isn’t the true bible, you won’t be corrupted or lead astray by it.

Still, I have found that in cases like that I don’t need to be proficient in their version, but rather simply be able to see what it is they’re citing.

Either way, we know what versions the Church has authorized, and it would be smart to stick to one of them in order to further our study.

Depends, how are you suppose to treat heresy?

I’m not sure, but my first thought is that you would not keep it or help spread it.

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